Golden Ogee


IMG_3027Not to be confused with a Golden Oldy

That is something completely different!

A bit more stitching with this piece, though it follows the other ogee bracelets I have made before.  Gold, salmon, rust and copper – must have been feeling a tad toasty when I was selecting the colors, all of them being towards the warm side of the palette.

The stitching is simple peyote, the domed ogee effect achieved from changing bead sizes: small to large to small, repeat as desired.  Tight tension is a must.

The copper heart clasp compliments the beads nicely.



IMG_3477A glitzy green sea turtle, sure to find a sandy beach for repose.

The ceramic focal is strung with striated brass spacers, apple jade,  topaz crackle glass and various small druks.

I think she’s ready for a day at the beach!  I wonder, would the “Turtle Power” in this necklace help a person learn to surf?  Or snorkel?  Or scuba?  Anything is possible, I suppose.IMG_3475

Honu, by the way, is Hawaiian for turtle, specifically green sea turtles, I think.

Sumpin’ Sumpin’


IMG_3259More about the landscaping.  The bare dirt around the trees at the front of the house has been covered over with river rock and accent boulders.  We are liking the look a lot.

Before the weed cloth was put down, the landscapers dug up all the irises that I had planted, put them in pots, and replanted them in another location.  I am so glad they were saved.

What can’t be seen in this photo is that there is a 4 foot deep sump to the left of the tree.  That is where the downspout for the gutter empties.  The tree should be very happy come spring, when we get more rain.

The sump also prevents gutter overflow and run-off from pooling around the foundation.  Soggy foundations are not happy foundations.

The sump is filled in with large chunks of rock so there’s no chance of anyone falling in, though when it was being dug it did indeed look like something from “Night of the Living Dead”.  I wondered if there were corpses or zombies down there.  Nope!  Just dirt.

Wild Horses


IMG_3453Spring in the Sierra’s usually leads to talk of wild horses.  What to do about them?  Where should they be allowed?  The local paper carries reports covering many sides of the argument: Bureau of Land Management, ranchers, farmers, wildlife enthusiasts, animal welfare activists.

A Wild Horse necklace in their honor.

The pendant is another ceramic focal from Tucson.  Bronze pearls and crystals make the piece a bit dressy, though still compatible with your favorite pair of boots. Cowgirl Up!IMG_3456




Every so often, a body needs to make a statement.  To say something specific, ending with a decisive period.  Period.  This is the kind of necklace to wear.  Resolute.  Determined.  Strong.  Classy.

A bead crochet necklace with a lovely carved jade pendant to keep it firmly anchored.  Scattered throughout the sea green rope is an occasional hint of green gold.  That picks up the greens and tans of the jade.  A subtle pop of color, if popping colors are subtle.

The jade is carved on both sides, though it is not a mirrored duplicate.  There are variations which mean it was hand carved, rather than computer-milled on a machine.

What will your statement be?