IMG_4097Amidst the foggy night of Olde London town, she dashes down the cobbled streets, stopping to listen for following footsteps.  The tabloids have said Mad Jack is back…

While this brooch has nothing to do with Jack the Ripper or anything else from turn of the century London, that’s where the inspiration came from.

The focal is carved resin, maybe 3 inches long.  Large by beady standards.  The surround is a mix of 8° and 11° seed beads.  The fringe has a lovely red cast.  Reminds me of stained glass windows.

Crystals and copper charlottes finish the edges, with faux leather and a pin on the back.



Crowning Glory


IMG_4086A brooch.  A pin.  A little something to dress up faded denims and what-have-you.

Collage image under a glass cabochon, peyote bezeled with seed beads, delicas and little 15°s.  Yes, I was pulling out all the stops, size-wise.

The scalloped edge is clear crystals doing a loop-de-loop.

The image in this one isn’t accented with anything; no sparkles.  I thought the musical notes in the background were enough.  If I print it again to make another, I may put a little somethin’ somethin’ on the dragonfly wings.

This brooch will remain subtle.

Tin Roof!



With apologies to the B-52s.

So, a little bit of constructed deconstruction.  This started out as an existing chain, which I cut apart, decorated, then assembled.  I don’t say re-assembled because it doesn’t resemble the original at all.  (Enough with the re-re and semblances, ahem.)

The necklace is very light and delicate, even with all the rust belt colors.  I suppose I was in a bit of a color-funk when I made it, though there’s beauty even in rust, if you look closely.  11° delicas and fresh water pearls.  Hand made spiral eye pins.  Ready for a night at the “Love Shack”.

Ghoul’s Delight


IMG_4064Heh!  Not all cabochons and paper collages turn into pins, y’know.

These Day of the Dead faces became earings!  They are somewhat on the large side, being about 1 1/4 inches at their longest.  Not too big.  Not too small.  Definitely visible!

The images are accented with glitter.  The bezel is teensy tiny copper 15°s surrouned with hot melon seeds, accented with red aurora borealis crystals.  The backs are covered with faux leather.

I like that the images face each other.  That way, when worn, the skull will be looking the same direction, regardless of which side (left or right) you see them from.  Having a directional design duplicated, but not mirror imaged for the opposite side drives me crazy!  Lack of attention to detail like that, when it’s so simple to do…  Harrumph!

These will be a nice addition to the upcoming Day of the Dead Festivities!

Dragonfly Lotus


IMG_4089I’ve been seeing a lot of dragonflies this summer.  Some flitting around the back patio, others (alas) in the garage.  I suppose it’s due to the wet Spring we had.

Seeing them inspired this brooch.  The cameo is very dimensional, standing out from the blue background at least 1/4 inch.

Seed beads of various sizes make up the peyote stitched bezel.  No lotus under glass this time.

The edge-work is pretty simple, having a running band of beads with crystal picots every so often.  It needed something more, so I added fringe, but not too much.  Just right, as Goldilocks would say.



IMG_4058I’d originally thought of calling this post Dr. Lizardo, but really?  These reptiles aren’t masculine at all.

BUT!  Leave a comment if you know what movie Dr. Lizardo is from.  Bonus points if you know the actor who played him.

And with that, not much else to say.  I think the blue bellied sap sampling lizard turned out particularly well.  The silver accents just pop!

Froggie is more demure.

Style Arc: Maggie 2


IMG_4032I made a resolution with myself to clear the cutting table this summer.  All the fabric piled around the edges waiting, waiting, waiting.

A second rendition of the Style Arc Maggie was just the ticket.  Both pieces of fabric were from the Phoenix Sew-In RumMage sale.  It’s been five years since I attended, so that will give you an idea of how long this has hidden in the stash.  It’s reached an age of being wearable (similar to wines that are drinkable).

The fabric is a rayon woven.  Quite drapy, and most suitable for Maggie.

I made two changes this time around.

The band collar is 1/4 inch larger than the original pattern.  I attached it using a modification of the Louise Cutting collar technique: it was sewn to the blouse body before the band top was stitched.  I know, that doesn’t make sense, but it’s really a much easier way to do this.  I’m also pretty sure there’s a tutorial on youtube somewhere.

The second change was adding more width to the back, having the pleat be fuller.  I wanted more floatiness.

I wore this with leggings and ballet flats. There were many compliments.