Moon over Oyster Bay

This brooch reminds me of oysters on the half shell.  Or perhaps the clumps of bivalves one sees when diving in a bay.  Then there’s that full moon, so perhaps it’s really one of those magical, metaphysical dreams that opens doors to the new and fantastic.

This is also a collaboration with the wonderful silk artist, L. Noel. I picked up some silk ribbon, which she very graciously agreed to dye.  She uses French silk dyes, so the colors are vibrant and intense.

The full moon cabochon is an antique, made during the US occupation of Japan after World War II.  The whole pin is edged with gold 15° seed beads.  There’s also some square gold beads; moonlight reflected on the bay.

HotPatterns: Riviera Cote D’Azure Too

There was enough of the brushed knit left over from Vogue 8597 to make one more top.  Imagine that!

This one is the sleeveless version of the HotPatterns Riviera Cote D’Azure top.

Since I’ve made this one a couple times, the sewing was relatively simple.  Only real tweaks were adjusting the v neck so it wasn’t too low and lay flat.  But then, I always have to do that on this top.

It will be a while (as in next year Spring) before this top is worn, but that’s OK.  I’ll have something new to look forward to when the weather warms up.

Wagons Ho

Definitely working outside my color comfort zone to create this salmon pink brooch.

I believe the cabochon is from the 40s or possibly earlier.   Black image on glass.  I don’t even recall where I got it.  Probably one of the vendors at the Tucson Gem & Mineral show.

The solid pink beads are antique French 8°s.  A little less uniform in shape that today’s 8° beads, but that’s their appeal.  The color is unlike anything I’ve seen before, not an AB, not a solid but something in between.

The whole is finished with a pin back and faux leather.

Toothsome Terror

Our girl is growing by leaps and bounds.  She is a toothsome terror, death to any and all stuffed animals, stuffed toys, socks and shoes.  She’s even nibbled on a corner of the quilt I made to keep warm while watching TV.  8-(  The quilt can be patched.  😎

Given lamby pie was supposed to be nigh indestructible (fire hose material on the inside) The Princess no longer gets stuffed toys.  She’s not suffering though as she has a basket full of chew toys and other more durable playthings.

The good:  1 year old.  80 pounds (and still growing).  Mostly leaves the cats alone.  Learning to walk on leash.

The bad:  Stubborn!  Stubborn!  Stubborn!  Which I am told in a Pyrenees trait.  She’s also been diagnosed with epilepsy, which we’re hoping to control with medication.  If she’s seizure free to the end of the year, we’ll see about weaning her off the meds.


Vogue 8597

One of my TnT patterns, made up in more of the swoonfully delicious brushed poly knit.

Since I’ve made the top before, it was simple sewing, some on the serger and some with straight stitching.

There’s a seam down the outside of the sleeve that I always straight stitch, as I don’t like the extra bulk from serging.

The cowl neck is most welcome with the cooler weather.

Jingle Jangle Bangles

Every so often my hands need a break for the hand stitching most of my beadwork requires.  Sometimes I just want to cut loose and do “something completely different” as Monty Python would say.

Over the weekend I went digging through the bead bins, looking for things I haven’t used in a while; beads that seemed lost and forlorn, the bumpy beads I bought when I first started, stuff that was cluttering up the table even.

These three bracelets are the result.  They were such fun to make!  Lots of silly colorful beads all hooked to link bases.  One link.  Two link.  Red link.  Blue link.  It’s even  fun writing about them.

Meet Motoko

Isn’t she something snazzy?

Yes, I succumbed to the fear-mongering diatribe of tariffs and trade wars and taxes.  Though truth be told, the plan was already in the works to replace my existing 14 year old car with something a little more suitable to the area.

Motoko is a hybrid gas / electric (battery) vehicle with all wheel drive, unlike Zoot, who was only front wheel drive.  She comes with all the safety bells and whistles, though I will admit that sometimes the chirping, pinging and dinging drive me a wee bit nuts.  Still, it’s nice to have a backup camera that actually shows the territory I am backing up to.

We are slowly getting to know each other.  The manual is becoming well thumbed, as I check icons and buttons and in general figure out what does what.  Cool feature:  when it’s raining and I put her in reverse, the rear wiper swishes to clear the window.

Lest folks be concerned about imports, Motoko was made at a plant in Alabama, so despite her name, she’s an all American girl.

What better way to use that snazzy new key fob!

I did get the vanity plates that read Motoko, and yes, in true geek fashion, Prince Charming’s truck is Batou.  Extra points if you leave a comment with the film / tv show those characters are from.