Mojo, Mojo


fruityWherefore art thou, Mojo?

My creative mojo seems to have left on an extended vacation.  I am sure she’s hightailed it out of town, headed for warmer climes.  No doubt, sitting on a sandy beach somewhere, sipping fruity drinks.

Not that I care to follow suit.  We’ve had some truly gorgeous snowfalls the past couple days.

However, it would be very nice if she were to return, so I could get started on some of these projects running through my head.  Are you listening, Ms. Mojo?

Someone’s Listening


phoneYou know all those times you’re at a web site, and there’s the little “Contact Us” form at the bottom.  You fill it out and never hear from anyone?

Not so with the Butterick Pattern web site!  There is actually a real live human on the other end.  They even respond!  I was surprised, to say the least.

At your suggestion, dear readers, I sent them a note about the error I found with B6417.  This is their response:

Thank you for your email concerning Butterick Patterns.  Whenever possible we try to provide our home sewers with the information they desire. You’re right, C & D do not have the shawl collar as A & B. This will be corrected. Thanks for alerting me.
Consumer Services
McCall/Butterick/Vogue/Kwik Sew Patterns
McCall Pattern Company, Inc.

Is it me?


b6417_aI was online during the holidays looking at patterns. Everyone seems to have something on sale, and the Big Four pattern companies were no exception.

Then something caught my eye.

The top on the right is part of the Fall/Winter collection on the Butterick web site.  As a sewist, I find the line drawings to be more useful than either the photographs or the illustrations.

Which led to this conundrum: b6417

Does anyone besides me see something off-kilter with views C and D?

The back shows a collar.  The front has no collar.  Where does it go?

Is this finally an example of the Amazing Disappearing Collar?
Has the last collar-no-collar pattern been captured by Butterick to grace their lookbook?
Did the proof reader have a little too much nog in their eggnog?
Maybe the illustrator was sipping hot buttered rum, without the hot butter?

I am tempted to get the pattern, just to see what is what…

Style Arc: Another Avery


img_4342Another Avery, completed just in time to muddle about the house during the holidays.  I plan to wear this one with leggings, and probably an open cardigan over it, as it’s turned decidedly cold here of late.

Cold as in a high of 34.  Positively nippy.  But no snow!

The sleeves and yoke are a rayon/lycra knit, while the printed bottom is a woven rayon.  Given I bought the two fabrics years apart, I think the color matching is pretty good.  No zipper needed, since there’s plenty of stretch in the rayon to pull it over my head.  I skipped the hem facings on this one as well, opting for a small rolled hem instead.

Basically Blue


img_4256Try as I might, I just couldn’t come up with a catchy phrase for this post.

I’ve done: blue butterflies, sugar skulls, Day of the Dead and many others, but the Muse of Alliteration was missing.  Gone.

So, this post is just Basically Blue.  Can I blame the lack of creativity on exhaustion after the Giftmas holiday?  I thought not as well…

A Day of the Dead paper collage, replete with gears and glitter, sealed beneath a glass cabochon.  The cab is further decorated with a mix of copper, blue and bronze seed beads.

I knew when I finished the bezel that this little skull was destined to be a necklace.  There were even blue beads of the appropriate hues in stash, blue not being a color I use frequently.  Copper accents play off the gears under glass.