Rosewater and Mint


IMG_3499This set falls under the adage of practice makes perfect.

I took a Craftsy class on creating wireworked findings a while back, and realized I would never become proficient with the techniques unless I practiced.  So practice I did.  Eye pins.  Links.  Loops.  Swirls.  They all participate in these pieces.

I even took a stab at making my own chain!  Yes, that shiny green chain is  made from individual loops, a pair of pliers in each hand.  After the first hour or so, I managed to loosen my death grip on those tools, and actually enjoy the process.

The beads are from stash, acquired who remembers how long ago?  Not I, that’s for sure.  The red ones have small pink roses on them, the green have a melon textures pressed into the glass.



abacus1Have you filed your taxes?

In the US, today is the day everyone has to file their federal and state tax returns.  Or ask for an extension.  Regardless, monies must be sent to the gummint, so the wheels may continue to turn.

Tax Day – that usually translates to having spent the previous weekend trying to decipher arcane laws and unintelligible sentences.  How did you do?



IMG_3530Sinuous curves for the curvaceous Josephine.  Not the Empress Josephine, but Josephine Baker.

That’s what this necklace reminds me of: Josephine Baker performing in Paris Folies Bergere wearing her banana skirt.  Shimmy!  Shimmy!  Skake!  Shake!

I suppose it’s the green drops. I have seen them alternately called claw or petal beads.  They have a distinct curve.  Fun to look at, but requiring concentration to use if they’re all to curve in the same direction.

Right angle weave done with variegated mustard druks and accented by bright copper 15°s in between.

When in Doubt


IMG_3496Use them all!

All the colors of the rainbow!

So I did.  Not that there was any doubt about this bracelet, but the recipient simply would not cooperate.  When asked what her favorite color(s) were, she said she liked them all!  Imagine that!

I was left with little choice but to use them all, and everything turned out rather well, if I do say so myself.  Auditioning the colors was a hoot!  Do you have any idea how many different greens and blues there are in the bead world?  And how woefully short it is of of yellows?

While this peyote stitched pattern follows the Mermaid series of bracelets, I am not putting it into that category.  It’s special.  This is a gift for a lovely woman who’s just finished radiation treatment for cancer.  Her spirit remains bright throughout, and the cancer, so far as we know, is gone.  Yay!


Sewing Camp


sad-faceStarted yesterday.
I am not there.

The annual retreat for the local Sewing Guild, Camp Sew’n’Sew started yesterday.  I am not there.  I am most unhappy to be missing it this year, but alas, life has intervened and it is not to be.

Rationally, I know that had I gone a multitude of other things, (like the travails of life) would have kept my mind occupied, rather than having it engulfed by the joy of sewing and fabric and patterns, not to mention the wonderful camaraderie of like minded folk.

So, this year, I am sitting out Camp Sew’n’Sew.  There is a new venue, up at Lake Tahoe, so no actual spooks will be present.  It’s a gorgeous retreat with views of the lake, lots of natural sunshine and room to spread out.  There are even cutting tables!  Something the previous location lacked.

If I’m not there, how do I know this?  Ahhh, my sources tell me.  Informants send me texts and pictures of the goings on.  I live vicariously, seeing finished projects.

I’m unhappy, but content with this for now.  Next year the day job will have stopped throwing furloughs left and right; Grandmeow will be relocated nearby,  someplace safe.  I will have stored up oodles of sewing karma, and be raring to stitch.

Until then…more pictures, please!



IMG_3480A little something to keep the hands busy.

Bead crochet necklace with a hefty focal.  I think it may be agate?  Not sure.  If anyone reading this can identify the stone, let me know.  it looks like grey marble, but is not.  That much I am sure of.

Anyway, there’s sparkle along the back, courtesy of some silver lined grey 6ºs, while the front is a lumi mix, which is a little of everything earth toned.

The clasp is a hammered gunmetal toggle.  The focal pulls it all together.

The necklace rests right at the collar bone, so is suitable for wearing with casual as well as dressier attire.  I modeled it with a black v-neck sweater.

Quite striking.

School Colors


IMG_3483Not my school, either high school or college, but probably someone’s school.  I am sure purple and yellow belong to an institution of higher learning somewhere.

Once again messing around with the stash, looking to create something simple yet colorful.  I think this necklace is a rousing success.

It’s a mix.  The striped / polka dot beads are hand made from Africa.  I don’t think they are antique trade beads, but rather ones from somewhere like Soul of Somanya, where making the beads helps village women keep their families together.  Click on the link to learn more.

The rest of the beads are a mix of 6ºs and large matte druks.  To keep the purple going, I used colored jump rings with the the lobster clasp.  It’s even adjustable!

Kinda fun.  Kinda funky.