Kwik Sew 6358 – Ponte

A project completed at Sewing Camp.

I fell in love with this ponte knit when I saw it on the Emma One Sock web site.  The bright greens overlaid on the plaid seemed just the thing to wear during the winter months.  The ponte has some stretch, though not a lot.  It’s beefy!

Speaking of winter, I am wearing it this week.  It’s May.  We are having rain, hail and snow.  I won’t talk about the wind.  Brrrr!

I’ve made this Kwik Sew pattern many times, so there weren’t any changed needed.  A fun top to sew in an afternoon.

Traveling the 60 Degree Slope

Playing around with striped fabric and a 60° ruler at Sewing Camp turned out to be both useful and fun.

The striped fabric had various cartoon campers, so I was thrilled when I found a coordinating fabric for the back.  Not cartoonish, but definitely retro in color and style.

Instead of the usual quilt batting, I used a heavyweight sew-in interfacing in the middle.  Two layers worth.  I wanted flat place mats and that is exactly what I got.  To continue with the whimsy, each place mat is bound in a different color.

These have been washed several times with barely a wrinkle out of the dryer.  They’re a fanciful addition to the dinner table.

Chi Hua Hua

Sometimes you just want to do something simple, that doesn’t require a lot of thought, effort, color matching, stitching…  You know what I mean.  A piece where you can just “Go”!

That’s what this pendant was.  Glass cabochon and art paper collage, with a little chihuahua jauntily peering forth.  He said his name was Beauregard.  Beau for short.

Various shades of green seed beads, accented with sterling silver 3-cut charlottes.

Could he be your Beau?


This brooch is a thank you gift.

Seems that one of the lovely ladies in my sewing group also does lapidary work. The Amazonite focal is one of her creations.  Isn’t it beautiful!

She was kind enough to let me look through her collection, and agreed to part with some of her cabochons.  Wow!

I thought the least I could do was say “Thank You” and show how a few beads and some thread could enhance her cabs.  I think I’ve done it justice.

Camp Sew’n’Sew

Sewing Camp Starts Today!

I hope I’ve brought enough to keep me busy during five (Yes, FIVE) days of sewing heaven.

All the above (plus a few more that aren’t in the photo) packed up to travel.   The discerning viewer will notice there are TWO non-garment patterns.  A girl’s gotta have some variety.

There’s a second bag with all the necessary notions, thread, zippers, elastic, and what-have-you.  A third bag is clothes, though I suppose if I sewed things in their proper order, I could wear them as they were made.

Phred wants to know if there are kitties at camp.  Could he be the Camp Sew’N’Sew Mascot?

Titania’s Treasure

A bracelet fit for the Queen of the Faeries.  Shades of shadow greens and golds, waving too and fro in a gentle woodland breeze.  Even Shakespeare would be pleased to see her so adorned.

Waxing poetic, here.  Best snap out of it!

Sine-wave bracelet made with lovely moss green tila beads, accented with suede green crystals and gold seed beads.