Finally a chance to post some close ups of the cuff bracelet I submitted to the Day of the Dead pop-up exhibit at the Depot Gallery.

I had been wanting to do something bright and lively and colorful for some time now, and the upcoming Dia de Los Muertos holiday was just the prompt I needed.

I beaded the focal three times before getting it “just right” as Goldilocks would say.  The first two tries, the beads and the charm were fighting with each other.  Never a good thing.

The background is hand dyed silk shibori in what I think of as popsicle colors.  Raspberry, lemon, cherry, orange.  They all blend and morph one into the other.

With the large skull on the front, I used some smaller calavera charms on the sides to balance things out.

Then it was time to bead!

Matte grey crystals surround the edge, then they’re accented with plum freshwater pearls, seed beads of various colors and other larger shaped beads.

To keep the color going, the cuff is finished with red leather on the inside.


Lovely Luz, with her morning  dove.

I tried something different this time; using cup chain to highlight the cameo.  This was inspired by some other artists work I’d seen.  I’m not quite sure it’s my thing.

I didn’t like seeing the metal underpinnings of the chain, so stitched square silver beads over those sections.  That helped, though it took some coaxing to get the squares to sit flat side up.  They kept thinking they were triangles, wanting to sit angle side up.

I tell you, sometimes beads have a mind of their own!

Also used the same highlighting technique I did with Leonora to give the hair and face more definition. This time with silver paint. Not so obvious in the photo, but in the sunlight she has sparkles.

Luz likes sparkles.

Turn, Turn, Turn

The weather has turned cold at night, which is causing the maples to show off their colors.  They are such sassy trees!  This photo doesn’t do the tree justice.  It’s a wonderful bright, zingy red.  I think the variety is Autumn Blaze.  It’s quite the sight when the morning sunrise hits it, and moonset hasn’t yet happened.

The ash (elm?  I always get them confused) has turned bright yellow too.

Welcome Fall.

Hot Patterns: Festival Fringe

This was made a couple months back but is just being posted now.  Life, as it often does, intervened.

Another rendition of my TnT tank top pattern.  No changes, other than I made life difficult for myself by choosing a stripe and a v-neck.

It’s a cotton knit with llamas.  Llama Rama!  And for the sewists who are reading, yes I did indeed match all those stripes.  All the way around!

Moth and Moonlight

This moth, like most, only comes out at night.  I think perhaps from the Garden of Good and Evil?  That’s what the midnight blue reminds me of – a humid evening, something just catching the corner of your eye, then gone!

A bead embroidered brooch, highlighting a resin cameo, surrounded with triangle beads laid point to point.

StyleArc: Besharl

Having the first Besharl top turn out as a wearable muslin, I thought to make a second one, this time accenting the seams with some piping.

A close inspection will show that the piping varies in width; I should have basted it first.  Then again, if someone is so close they are commenting on the piping’s width, they are too close!

The fabric is a retro-colored brushed knit.  The back strip is piped as well.  It reminds me of old neon signs, where the bubbles would pop from bottom to top.