Givré: to cover with frost, or a thin layer of color which appears frost-like.

These earrings have givré glass cabochons in gold and black.  I did my best to photograph them, but the photo does not do them justice.  In sunlight, the gold just sparkles!

24k and galvanized gold seed beads surround the stones.

When I first got these cabs, I was leaning towards a brown color-way, but they were having none of it!  Brown proved muddy and dull, totally unworthy of these cabs.

As Seen on TV

Nothing quite like getting up before dawn to be featured on local live TV. No editing.  One take.  This was orchestrated by the Art Gallery at Prism where I’ve been showing the past couple months. They supply the background art for the show, and as part of that their artists can be  featured in a weekly segment.  This week was my turn.

I must admit, this whole endeavor had me on pins and needles in the days prior to the interview.  I prepped the night before – showing pieces from the gallery, as well as making sure I was still able to get into “office” clothing.  I think it went well.

Ceiling Shelf

Unboxed, washed, assembled!  The ceiling shelf project is finally finished!

My stepdad was a great collector.  One of the things he collected was bottles – all sorts of old bottles.  When I had to relocate my Mom, his bottle collection was one of the things that moved.  Several boxes worth, all wrapped in tissue.  They’ve lived in the garage these many years, waiting to make their appearance once again.  My uncle also contributed to the collection – finds from ghost towns in the area.

I’d had this idea to display them, but not just sitting on shelves in a book case.  I wanted them to shine, and I think that’s been accomplished.

Prince Charming made the shelving, and we installed it near the ceiling.  Next up was providing a light source – LED strip lighting, which is wired to a wall switch.  Then it was washing, washing, washing all those bottles.  I don’t think any of them had been washed since they were acquired; I know Mom never dusted (housework is not in her repertoire).  Let’s just say they had quite the accumulation.

Once they were dried, up-ladder I went, sticking each and every one in place with it’s very own glob of Museum Wax.  Living in earthquake country, I wanted to be sure none of them come crashing down on my head!  At night, the room glows and sparkles.

Bolo 2

Another bolo tie, this time a bit more colorful than the first one.

The central stone is an agate of some sort.  That’s the only identification it had. Agate.  Good enough for me!

The rest is matte turqoise and various seed beads.  The tie has a spring slide, so the leather cord won’t be eaten.

There is another type of bolo slide, called a Bennet clasp that has teeth that clamp onto the cord. The only problem with that is eventually the cord gets chewed up and breaks.  I didn’t want that.

Delta Marina

Delta Marina is a variety of pansy that is a true blue in color.  Not leaning towards purple or fading to white.

The Delta series offers extreme uniformity in blooming and provide an upright habitat with  outstanding heat tolerance. They also rebound well from extreme weather, are extra early and free flowering, and generally have minimal stretching.

Of course, I couldn’t let these czech pansies be alone in their flowery world, so they are paired with purple cabs, leafy green drops.


The Aldabra tortoise is one of the largest tortoises in the world. It lives in the Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelle Islands.

In the wild their carapace can reach 48 inches across, and they can weigh 550 lbs.  Captive individuals tend to be smaller.

This bracelet reminds me of tortoises, for some reason.  Muted green shell meandering through life.

Agate (I think) focal, ostrich embossed leather, pearls and seed beads.