Hot Patterns: Tailored T

I seem to have gone on a citrus fabric binge.  There’s this print, and it’s companion in white, sitting on the cutting table.

They are both from LA Finch Fabric. Both of them also End of Bolt sales.  Who can resist brushed knit at $3 a yard?  Not me!

This top will be great as a transitional piece, when the cooler weather starts moving into fall.

Gee, doesn’t that sound fancy?  Transitional wardrobe.  Sheesh!


Around and around and around it goes, like a Tilt A Whirl at a carnival.  Does Tilt A Whirl still exist?

60º ruler place mats of various colors and sizes.  These are not-yet-delivered house warming gifts.

I went looking for striped fabric, and this colorful concoction jumped into my cart.  Next time, I will pay closer attention to exactly how many stripes there are, as getting them all lined up was a bit of work!

Turned out well, but still, more work than I expected.


Besides sewing, there was beadwork going on these past weeks.  This is another bracelet using a metal cuff armature, hand-dyed shibori silk and beads.  Not as bright as my previous attempt.  More beadwork and I suppose more thought went into this piece.  The silk swirls like incense.

The focal is carved bone, there are also freshwater pearls, lentil, peanut and seed dbeads.  Even though the colors are not bright, I think it has a certain restrained elegance.  Tatash?  I’ve been told that is Hindi for “neutral”.

StyleArc: Missy Issy

Goodness, where has the time gone?  Wasn’t it only yesterday that visitors were coming and I knew I’d be taking a break from the blog?  One week turned into two, turned into, well, you get the idea.

Thankfully my sew-jo was in full force during this time, so there were lots of lovely things created.  To wit, another StyleArc Issy.

It’s a great top to make when fabric is limited.  This was a one yard piece and everything just fit.   I suppose one could call it a zero waste combination.

The fabric is a lovely rayon, great to wear now that our warmer weather is here.

Nothing unusual or different with sewing, other than I think I’ve finally figured out how to mark the folds for the cowl in such a way that I no longer have to pull an existing Issy out of the closet to see how it’s done.  I consider that an accomplishment!

Honey in the Garden

Another completed project, started at camp, finished at home.  These are a housewarming gift to the new neighbors.  They’ve been here over a year.  I’m slow.  It’s the thought that counts, right?

A set of four place mats and a table runner, all based on 60 degree rules designs.  Striped fabric from though I don’t know if they still have this particular print.  I did some fussy cutting to be sure the phrases ran around the table runner so that no matter which side of the table one sits at there’s something to read.

The place mats are all different, featuring one part of the print or another.  Yellow backing makes everything reversible, which is rather fun.  Also good for when you can’t get out those spaghetti sauce stains.