McCalls: 6076


IMG_4011Sooo, what’s different about this?

That’s right, it HAS SLEEVES!  But, just barely.  Don’t look inside, those armscye seams are hanging on by a serged thread.  But, it has SLEEVES.

I transmogrified my fitting adjustments to this pattern.  It’s a princess seam top, with a non-banded collar.

The fabric is a cotton dobby from the local fabric outlet.  Garment fabric pickings are slim here in Sierraville, so this was a rare find.  I like the dottiness of the fabric, even though it made my eyes cross while sewing it.

The grid also made it very easy to align the pattern on grain, and match the seams.  The back seams match almost perfectly!  Now, why is it when I try ever so hard to have that happen, measuring thrice and cutting once, it rarely does?  Must be one of Einsteins lesser known laws.  The Law of Pattern Alignment.

I did my usual funky facing using some scraps of quilting cotton.  Black with little red roses for the front facing, under collar and sleeve hem.

I had thought to add buttons.  Since the fabric is a bit thick, I may just wear it as a topper over colored tanks.  That will be nice when out after dark, and the temps cool down.

Leaf Link Stem


IMG_4021I knew I wanted to do a second rendition of Red Rover using some silver chain.  Perusing the bead stash, I pulled out these bright spring-time greens.

Ok, it wasn’t so much a perusal as a massive dive amidst small plastic baggies of delicas, fending off playful paws with cries of “No!  You can’t have that!” whilst the Hellboys ran from the room, small plastic bags in mouth.

Gotta love those furbots.  They are ever so helpful.  Especially when I don’t want them to be.  All baggies (and the beads therein) were recovered unscathed, if a tad worse for toothy punctures.

The light green chain was all made by hand, using colored aluminum wire.  One hardens the wire so it keep it’s shape by pounding on it with a mallet.  Great for getting rid of frustrations, if a tad noisy.

The beading reminds me of leaves, the stem is the silver chain, all linked together with a touch of green.  It’s one of those forget-you-have-it-on pieces, light and bright.

Butterick 6026: Second Verse


IMG_4000Not quite the same as the first.

Another rendition of the multi-tucked, FBA’d woven blouse.  My very own frankenpattern, if you will.

I thought I had all the fitting kinks worked out when I cut this and took it to Sewing Camp.  As you can see it is sleeveless, just like the first one.

Confession:  I didn’t have all the fitting issues worked out as well as I thought I had.  Hence, no sleeves.

BUT (and that is a large hopeful but) I think I have now.  Will blouse #3 have sleeves?  If it does, will I be able to move my arms?  We shall have to wait and see.

I did my usual styling, making the under collar and collar band in a different fabric. I like doing this – the underside peeks out, and provides a little extra something-or-other.  Hey, it’s my blouse, it makes me smile.  That’s enough for me.

The armholes are hemmed using a baby hem.  Instead of buttons I applied snaps.

The fabric is…ancient.  I have no idea where I got it.  It’s been in the stash for decades.  Literally decades.  I think it may even have moved to Cactusville with me, way back when.  It is that old.  A very soft cotton with a sheeting feel to it.

Moon over Miami


IMG_4013This is the same design as Saturnalia except in a different color way.  It’s much softer.  The colors remind me of Miami – neon lights and Art Deco buildings.

The second time around was also much, much less frustrating to stitch.  I found it easier to keep track of where I was when stopping and starting, as well as adding thread.  And let me tell you, this puppy eats up thread.

And maintaining tension!  Don’t get me started!

Mojitos anyone?

Style Arc: Maggie


IMG_4002Ever since I’ve made this, I simply cannot get the Bob Dylan song out of my mind…”Don’t want to work on Maggie’s Farm No More”

Maybe if we all sing a few bars, that’ll get it out of my head?

Another acquisition from the Style Arc pattern sale.  This one is definitely a winner.  I was looking for something comfy to wear with leggings, for those days when you have to get dressed, but would really rather stay in your bath robe and ducky slippers.

Maggie fits the bill perfectly.  I checked the sizing on the patterns, and let the finished width determine what size I cut.  Since this is a fairly loose, flowy design, I decided to try the first one with no pattern alterations.  Fit perfect right out off the paper.

One caveat.  The instructions for stitching the front placket are minimal at best.  I suppose this is in keeping with Style Arc’s assumption that we all know what we’re doing.  Sometimes.  Sometimes, not so much.  Thankfully there are three images on the Etsy web site section for this pattern that shows how to fold the front placket.  Mark your fold lines!

I used those as a guide, and everything turned out.  The fabric is an I-don’t-know-what which I picked up several years back at the Phoenix Sew-In RuMmage table.  It feels like a challis, which is what the pattern calls for.

I see more Maggie’s in my future.

Red Rover


IMG_4019I thought to try my hand at incorporating more chain into my work.  This necklace is one of the experiments.

The chain (circles and ovals) was purchased, then deconstructed (aka cut apart) and refashioned.

It was fun to play around.

I created peyote stitched tubes around the oval links.  Then had to decide whether to use the circle links.  Answer: Yes.  Everything was put together with red aluminum jump rings.  The very ends are hand-made chain.

I’m not sure which took more time – working with the pliers to fashion the chain, or stitching the peyote tubes.  Either way, it was fun!

And I have no idea why the name “Red Rover“.  That’s just what came to mind.

Style Arc: Lotti


IMG_4007Just as I was starting to think about what to make for sewing camp, Style Arc had a sale on their on-line patterns.

These are PDF downloads from their Etsy store.  I admit to being an old-school sewist, and don’t much care for the PDFs.  All that taping and matching before you even get to fitting and sewing?  Just not the way I roll.

But…  Lotti caught my eye.  I liked the color blocking, as well as the fact that it took so little fabric.  Hmmm, maybe those leftover favorites I’ve been hanging onto could still be used?

I checked their measurements against my own, then printed off only the size I needed (the download comes as a sizing 3-pack).  Rummaged around in the knit bit auditioning fabrics, until I came up with this combo.  The print is the very last bit.  I think there may be a 2 inch strip left over.  And if you’re wondering, yes, I still kept it.  It could be binding!

The solid colors are from stash.  I keep a variety of solids around “just in case”.  You never know when you’ll need a pop of color.

I didn’t have enough of the print to attempt matching the stripes (throw caution to the winds!).  The sewing was straight forward.  The fit is great.  A scrappy stylish summer top!