Tres Chic



I don’t always stick to the basic gecko and frog when making lizzies.  Sometimes a dinosaur or three jumps into the mix.  The pterodactyl on the right just had to join these resplendent reptiles.

The photo is pretty true to the actual colors.  He’s bronze with green accents and a bandolier of seed beads.  The lizards have a standard pin back, but Terri the Pterodactyl has a tie tack, not being large enough to fit a full sized pin.

Beaux Bunny


IMG_4109It’s no secret that I have an affinity for Alice in Wonderland.  There’s just something about the surrealism of the story and the illustrations that grab me.  Has anyone seen the Alice books with drawings by Ralph Steadman?  Amazing!

When I stumbled on these images I knew something had to be done.

Similar to Fit for a Queen I decorated the image before encasing it in glass. This time using glitter pens, rather than glittered glue.

The effect us more subtle as the sparkles show more then less when the brooch is turned in the light.

The bezel is a mix of different sized beads, 8°s, 11°s, 15° and delicas.  The back is completed with faux leather.

Mr. Rabbit is checking his timepiece.  Must be going!

Tangled Tennies


IMG_4139Since February I’ve been taking Zentangle classes at the Brewery Art Center.  Each class builds upon the techniques and tangles of the previous class.  If you take them all, the end result is creating a pair of Tangled Tennies!

These are mine.  I won’t go into how they are done – suffice to say it is a lot of fun and very engrossing.  Time literally flies when you’re working on them.  Everyone in class created something different.

I will say these started out as basic white canvas sneaks from the ever popular bastion of French fashion, Targét.  Then color is applied.  Then tangles.  That’s what all the squiggles and curly cues are called.  Each and every tangle has a name too.  Not that I remember what they are.

I think these will follow the yellow brick road of summer quite nicely!

Barrone Prevost


IMG_4067I think this brooch may be Baronne Prevost under glass, though I am not 100% certain.  What’s that?  A Baron under glass?  According to the Antique Rose Emporium web site that’s what this rosy image most closely resembles, though I am sure the actual flower is neither under glass, nor decorated with glittery accents.

I’m not completely in love with this piece.  All the individual parts are fine, but somehow they just aren’t singing to me the way my beadwork usually does.  It sings well enough that I won’t cut it apart.

The construction followed my standard method – decorate the image, then it goes under a glass cabochon.   The whole is then beaded around with a peyote bezel and accents.  In this case, some pale yellow druks and salmon seed beads, then it’s backed with beige leather and the accents applied.

I tried a new style of edging, and I’m not sure it works.  What do you think?

Scuba Dooba


IMG_3998The online sewing community has been all abuzz about scuba fabric.  Something new and different, that’s finally migrated from Ready to Wear to yardage.

I picked some up when it was on sale at Girl Charlee fabrics.

As it’s name sounds, scuba is similar to neoprene, except much thinner and better suited to garments and accessories (think laptop cases).

Having several wetsuits from our more liquid hobbies hanging in the closet, I was intrigued by this new arrival.  Never having seen scuba in Ready to Wear, I can’t say if my fabric is excellent, medium or poor quality.

What I can say is that it sews up easily.  It has stretch for wearing comfort, but not like a t-shirt knit.  I left the top unhemmed, as scuba doesn’t ravel.  Use a simple pattern – you don’t want a lot of intersecting seams.  Scuba builds up thickness quickly.

The verdict is still out on how it will feel in warm weather (we’re just heating up this month).  So, something new, and blue and Ready for Me to Wear.

Little Lizzie


IMG_4056It’s that time again!  Time to make more lizards.

These are a lot of fun to make, and sell rather well in the Artisan Store that carries my beading.

This time around, there was way more experimentation than I like.

Seems that the Powers That Be have reformulated the paint I use on these, and it would no longer stick.  Grrr!  Make that GRRRR!

Many, many little lizzies (and a few froggies) had to be painted again and again and again.  I finally got color on them that wouldn’t come off when touched, but it  took a lot of trial and error.  This turned into one of those short weekend afternoon projects with an appetite all it’s own.

They’re finished now, all dressed up in their beady finery.  Whew!

Ready to Go


IMG_4030Once everything was measured, it took surprisingly less time than I expected to complete the cushions.  Here they are, in all their newly covered glory!

There was enough fabric left over to make throw pillows.  The solid colored pillows coordinate with the printed ones through their snaps – one has orange, the other aqua.

I did have to cover the interior foam with more batting to flesh things out.  I suppose being sat on for however many years these were sat upon squished things.  Not that the people doing the sitting were particularly large (they are not) but time and compression took their toll.

I’m very pleased with this project.  It was nice to do something for someone else.  It was nice not having to fiddle with fitting.  It was also nice to complete something, and have it be appreciated.