Marching to Marrakesh


IMG_3655Now that it is officially summer, the weather has been getting warm.  Not Cactusville hot by any standards, but toasty and a bit roasty too.

What better attire to don on these warm summer days than a pair of seersucker Marrakesh pants?  They’re great to lounge around in, but stylish enough to turn coyote heads when I saunter down the road to fetch the post.

What’s that, you say?  Yes indeed.  Even the coyotes around here have a sartorial opinion.  At least in my mind they do.

So, courtesy of Hot Patterns, another pair!  In fact, I think this is probably my sixth pair.  I know there are at least three in the current rotation.  Other pairs have worn out, or succumbed to the Great Stain Ogre in the sky.  This has to be one of their longest running patterns; I remember it was one of the first introduced in the Wong-Singh Jones line.

Anyway, nothing new with the sewing.  Made them the same as I’ve done previous pairs.  The fabric is great – a comfy cotton seersucker that is both cool enough during the day, and warm enough after sundown.  There are pockets, of course.  I even followed pattern directions, and stitched the pocket bags to the front, so no flopping about.

Nice & Breezy

You are my


My only Sunshine!

Similar to Ursa Major, I dyed this face with strong black coffee to take away some of the shininess.  The nubbin above the left eye is an artifact of the flash; the surface is actually unblemished.

I suppose I was on a bit of a yellow binge, combining so may various shades.   They work pretty well though.  The ruffle is created by doing peyote increases every couple rounds.  It can get a bit difficult to follow the stitch path after a bit; attention to detail is required.

A sunny brooch for summer days!

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Cherry Bomb


IMG_3650The last of the digital cherry print.  There are literally bits and pieces left, not even enough to make binding.

The pattern is Colette’s Moneta, which was introduced last year.

I made up a wearable muslin a while back, then decided this print would be great fun for summer.

The catch (somehow there always seems to be one when I get these ideas): since the fabric is primarily white, it would have to be lined.  No problems lining the top.  I had enough other white knit to do so.  The skirt was another story.

First, I tried using the same generic rayon knit I used in the top.  Nope.  That created a clingtastic disaster.  Then I went hunting for some tricot knit I used ages ago to make slips.  Found the fabric, no digging.

But you know, 25 year old tricot knit is not so good as when it was new.  Tossed the old stuff, as it wasn’t even worth donating and ordered some new.  That did the trick, and I no longer have to worry about the skirt riding up, down and all about.  It stays put and swishes nicely.

I made two pattern alterations.  Omitted the pockets (sacrilege!) and used the front bodice boat neck for both the front and back, instead of the scoopier back that is called for.  Everthing was sewn on the serger and hemmed on the cover stitch.

Parfait anyone?

First Fire


IMG_3664Summer has Arrived
So has Fire Season

This hot mess is named the Washington Fire.  Friday, when it started, it was a mere 75 acres.  As of this morning, it covers 10 miles.

The 30+ mile per hour winds we had yesterday caused massive growth.  Where no houses or structures were threatened, there are now homes evacuated, and historic cabins at risk.

For those of a geographic bent, this has closed Highway 89 over Monitor Pass, which is near Markleeville, CA.  500 personnel are at work trying to put it out.  At last report it is only 10% contained.

I hope this is the only fire we have this summer.   May it end soon.



IMG_3644around and around and around she goes!

I suppose if you were to drink too many, you might too!

A lovely green spiral for Spring.  Sassy.  Sprightly.  Maybe even a touch Sour.

The focal is another peyote spiral created with a mix of seed beads, from sizes 6º through 15º.  This size variation gives a nice textural element – in and out.  All about.

The legs (if you will) of the necklace are strung with a different mix of beads:  glass, metal, acrylic.

Just the thing for a swinging summer’s day.

Vogue 8859, Again


IMG_3626Second verse, same as the first

Well, not exactly.  I opted to make one small pattern tweak: reducing the upper crotch area by 3/8 inch.  One small sewing tweak:  inserting clear lingerie elastic into the crotch curve so it wouldn’t sag and bag during wearing.

Otherwise, these are the same as the brown pair, and will be much worn.  Fabric again from

Ursa Major


IMG_3634I’ve been playing around with dyeing some of the bone cabochons I have, trying to get something that wasn’t so white and pristine looking.  This little bear has enough carved texture to soak up the color very nicely.

Both the head and body are peyote bezeled to the backing.  The rest of the body is bead embroidered using bugle, triangle, seed and firepolish beads.

Now, I’m stuck.  I spent a whole day auditioning various beaded ropes to make her into a necklace.  None of them worked.

The piece is too large to be a brooch.  I would be concerned that either the neck area would bend, or the stone body would snap trying to close a clasp on the back.

I suppose a bail with a simple cord might work, but I think she deserves more.

Suggestions anyone?