IMG_3480A little something to keep the hands busy.

Bead crochet necklace with a hefty focal.  I think it may be agate?  Not sure.  If anyone reading this can identify the stone, let me know.  it looks like grey marble, but is not.  That much I am sure of.

Anyway, there’s sparkle along the back, courtesy of some silver lined grey 6ºs, while the front is a lumi mix, which is a little of everything earth toned.

The clasp is a hammered gunmetal toggle.  The focal pulls it all together.

The necklace rests right at the collar bone, so is suitable for wearing with casual as well as dressier attire.  I modeled it with a black v-neck sweater.

Quite striking.

School Colors


IMG_3483Not my school, either high school or college, but probably someone’s school.  I am sure purple and yellow belong to an institution of higher learning somewhere.

Once again messing around with the stash, looking to create something simple yet colorful.  I think this necklace is a rousing success.

It’s a mix.  The striped / polka dot beads are hand made from Africa.  I don’t think they are antique trade beads, but rather ones from somewhere like Soul of Somanya, where making the beads helps village women keep their families together.  Click on the link to learn more.

The rest of the beads are a mix of 6ºs and large matte druks.  To keep the purple going, I used colored jump rings with the the lobster clasp.  It’s even adjustable!

Kinda fun.  Kinda funky.

Golden Ogee


IMG_3027Not to be confused with a Golden Oldy

That is something completely different!

A bit more stitching with this piece, though it follows the other ogee bracelets I have made before.  Gold, salmon, rust and copper – must have been feeling a tad toasty when I was selecting the colors, all of them being towards the warm side of the palette.

The stitching is simple peyote, the domed ogee effect achieved from changing bead sizes: small to large to small, repeat as desired.  Tight tension is a must.

The copper heart clasp compliments the beads nicely.



IMG_3477A glitzy green sea turtle, sure to find a sandy beach for repose.

The ceramic focal is strung with striated brass spacers, apple jade,  topaz crackle glass and various small druks.

I think she’s ready for a day at the beach!  I wonder, would the “Turtle Power” in this necklace help a person learn to surf?  Or snorkel?  Or scuba?  Anything is possible, I suppose.IMG_3475

Honu, by the way, is Hawaiian for turtle, specifically green sea turtles, I think.