Subtle Spikes


IMG_3727Sometimes, you want something a little edgy, without crying out to the world that you’re unique and different.  Like a glowing question mark hovering overhead: is she, or isn’t she.  That’s what prompted this necklace.

I saw some micro daggers (actually part of the Crystaletts product line) which got me very intrigued. Teeny tiny button-like daggers. Oh my!

This is the result.  The gunmetal color of the daggers and beads plays off nicely against the firepolished crystals.  The crystals are a mauve/maroon/grey color mix.

The necklace was stitched using tubular right angle weave (t-raw for the acronym enabled), then embellished with gunmetal size 6 beads and the spikes.  The black chain used as an extender was also hand made.

So, will I be making more of these, as is my wont when I discover something new?

No.  Absolutely not.  This necklace took a half-mass of crystals.  That’s 600 beads.  Until I’m once again able to visit the Tucson Gem Show, that is waaay to much stash for one necklace.

Burda: 6897 – Finishing Up


IMG_3678I know, a post about snow, followed by a post showing shorts.

Makes no sense.  I am truly all over the map in my sewing.

But, there was incentive to finish things up, and get the sewing table cleared of all the partial projects.  Perhaps this is one of the things that has contributed to my lack of posts?  Perhaps the rest of the chaos going on here?

Either way, I present, for your viewing and reading pleasure, another rendition of the Burda City Shorts, # 6897.

The fabric is a rough cotton from the local home dec fabric store.  At $3 / yard, I doubt it’s linen, though it has that heftiness to it.

I made one alteration, which was to raise the pocket openings by an inch.  Big Mistake!  Somehow, this threw off the whole fit for the waist & tummy.  I have no idea why, as there was no change in the width, but change it did.  Ripping of seams, and resewing ensued.  Now they mostly fit, though not as good as the first pair.  I see pattern research in my future.

These will go in the amoire for now, to wait their turn come spring.

Ghoulish Delight


IMG_3746What can I say, every ghoul needs a little bling for her anniversary, don’t you think?  To celebrate ours, I made this necklace.  It doesn’t clank ominously like a true denizen of the dark might prefer, but it has a nice little rattle when worn. Skulls, candy corn colored crystals (say that three times fast!) and hand-made chain.

That’s right, all the purple chain started as a bag of jump rings that I had purchased with a specific project in mind, only to find out when they arrived that they simply would not do.  Being a purple sorta girl, I had to find something to use them in.

All the eye pins were made by hand as well, using colored copper wire.  I’ve found the Wirework Findings class over on to be incredibly useful.  Lisa Niven Kelly is a great inspirational instructor.