Style Arc: Lotti


IMG_4159There was just a smidge of fabric left over from making the Floribunda Angry Milkmaid top, but I was loathe to toss it.

That’s what’s so great about the Style Arc Lotti – the color blocking uses up all the leftover knit scraps.  The only caution is the scraps should be of the same weight, otherwise things wobble, and pull and well…look hodge podge and askew.  Don’t ask me how I know…

Of course, when the color blocking craze runs it’s course, and is no longer fashionable, who knows what I’ll do with the leftovers.  Perhaps it will become my style.

Fashion is Fleeting. Style Lasts Forever.

Rouge Royale


IMG_4172So, after the Tour of Renaissance Italy I still had crescent beads left over.  Not enough for rosettes or anything large scale.

I hate when that happens!  Leaves me with little bits and pieces of things scattered all about.  So, I started noodling around.

You know noodling.  When your mind wanders while your hands are busy, and the two reconnect at a later time.

Anyway, noodling around with needle and thread created these lovely beaded beads out of the crescent remnants.

They remind me of melons, so I made the lot with teensy tiny 15° orange seeds between the slices.  Large deep red crystals are combined with bright gold spacers, as well as smaller pink crystals.IMG_4173

I wasn’t sure about the pink (not my color, as you well know), but it works.  The whole necklace has a red/gold cast to it, which seems very rich.  Rich in a Downton Abbey / Manor House way.  Velvet and candle light, with a comfy chair in front of the fireplace.  Perhaps a glass of port.

Tangled T


IMG_4181Grandmeow (also known as Mom) was greatly taken with my Tangles Tennies.  Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find a pair for her which she says fit comfortably.

So, instead of tennies, I made her a Tangled T.

The actual tangling was great fun, but boy, oh boy, the freezer paper (which is ironed on the back for stability) and I had quite a few choice words.

I could NOT get it to stick.  There must be some secret I am unaware of, or perhaps it was an old roll and had lost it’s stick-um.IMG_4182  Repeated ironing finally did the trick, but not without fear of burning the cotton T-shirt.

Some of the tangles are official (fescu) some I suppose you could say are made up, or I don’t remember their names.  Take your pick!  Either way, I think they turned out well.

Of course, one must be as fashionable going as coming, so I added smaller flowers to the back.

Grandmeow is very happy…but she still wants my tennies.

Cuppa Tea, Mad Hatter?


IMG_4112Yes indeed, he’s off to the party with his cuppa, wearing pokla-dotted finery.

Another embellished pendant featuring an Alice in Wonderland character, accented with glitteratti inks (green, yellow and pink).  The whole kept safe under a glass cabochon.

I had a lot of fun using crazy colors in the beadwork.  I’ve had the pink bugles for ages, and could never get them into a piece before.  I do like how they turned out.  The rest are silver, yellow and chartreuse seeds.

The silver bail is glued on.  I’m finding these bails to be more satisfactory than beading bails.

The back is my usual faux leather.

Do you think the Mad Hatter will wait for Beaux Bunny to show up?

Jalie 968: Shorts


IMG_4155It is finally cooling down here, (stop laughing!  90+ is considered warm by Sierraville standards) though for a while it was rather toasty.  Toasty and smoky, what with all the fires in Northern California.

Anyway, my increasing girth (Dessert?  Sure, I’ll take two!) created  a shortage in the shorts department.

I used my standard Jalie pattern (which I think is now out of print) to remedy the situation.  Fabric is a very well aged cotton from stash.  So well aged that it had fade stripes from sitting in the sunlight.

IMG_4157I cut the legs about 1.5 inches wider, as shorts don’t fit as close to the body as jeans do.  The other change I tried was using some leftover knit as the waistband binding.

The first try had the knit stretching as I sewed, so it was ripped.  The second try I used Wonder Tape to hold the bottom side in place, folded over the top, then stitched.  Much better!  Now it’s super soft and comfy against my skin.

I’m not sure how often I’ll use this technique, but I do like it.  The inside feels much nicer than a serged edge on the waistband.

Satin Doll


IMG_4152More experimentation!

This time with some lovely silver matte two-hole coin beads.  I think the formal name for them is Disc Duo. A new offering from Potomac Beads.

Unusual for me, I could actually think of ways to use these, which I generally don’t with the multi-holed beads.

So, satin silver, chrome daggers and great crystal/copper seed beads.  The necklace is hefty without being heavy; a nice quality feel.

The most difficult part?  Keeping my seed bead counts straight as the secondary fringe grew.

Wear it with that silk charmeuse dinner gown, or a T-shirt!