Scurry About


Now that we have more furbots in the house, especially young ones, I need something to keep them busy while I’m working.  While I don’t mind them napping in my lap (all together now: Awwww) the Hellboys can be particularly pesky when I’m trying to run meetings (I work from home as a computer contractor).

Let the mice out!  Scurry about!


These are in-the-hoop embroidery designs from Moose B Stitchin I stuff them halfway with catnip, and the rest of the body with fiberfill for plumpness.  Attach tails of braided ribbon, and Voilá, Herd of Mousies!  The tails stay attached, for the most part, and the moggies really enjoy the catnip.

Claire plays with them quite a bit, then likes nothing better than to take a nap in the sunshine.



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