My niece (technically a cousin, but hey, there’s a huge age difference – niece just seems more appropriate) is having a birthday this month. She’s all grown up, turning 15.  Wow!  How did that happen?

Her favorite colors are electric blue and lime green.  I am just thankful she outgrew the pink phase.  I maintain a pink-free zone.

HudsonThis is the Hudson Top from Sewing Workshop.  I elongated it into a dress / tunic, thinking it would look pretty good with leggings, and a belt, or she could wear it as pajamas.  It’s up to her Mom to decide if it’s long (or short) enough for a dress.  I’m a bad enough influence without getting involved with that discussion.  The colors (I hope) are just right.  Fabric is an ITY Jersey from Fabric Mart

She’s also inherited the family’s magpie gene, so something with a little sparkle is needed.  I found these sublimation printed t-shirts, and dressed them up with nailheads and rhinestones.  They sparkle quite nicely!


I just followed the design on the shirt when adding the stones.  Be careful when you do this, to keep a teflon sheet between the layers, else everything will glue together.  These T’s are thin!



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