When do you know it’s time to stop?

Usually, this is when whatever you’re working on is finished.  Or you can’t see straight any longer.  Maybe the light has faded too much, or supplies need to be acquired.  These are all logical, straight forward reasons to STOP.

None of these to apply to the current project.  It has somehow gotten indelibly linked in my mind with last Saturday, and Viktor’s passing.  I don’t want to continue with it.

Which is not to say it hasn’t had it’s share of issues.  It seemed pretty simple – pleated skirt with waist yoke.  But, the fabric is white, and I waffled back and forth – to line, or not to line?  Did I even have white lining?  No, of course not!


In the end, I underlined the skirt section with a white cotton voile.  This won’t completely avoid the transparency of white shirting fabric, but it will help enough.

Next up were fitting issues.  Like a lot of women of a certain age, the body I now have isn’t the one I used to have.   Fitting everything is a necessity,  rather than the occasional task it used to be.  Despite doing a tissue fit, and taking in the front yoke, the fabric stretched, and was now too big.  I know, better than too small.  Still…


I fussed.  I finagled.  It just wasn’t working.   Too much fabric to gather into the facing.  So, what to do?  I know what I should do: take the zipper out, remove the front facing , rework the pleats, and re-assemble.

For now though, I’m going to set it aside.   It’s time to STOP.


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