To Market, To Market



To buy a small cat.   Home again, Home again…  No, wait, we already have small cats!

The Market Totes were a bit of a hiatus-induced project.  I had them nearly completed, then decided they would look much better with colored velcro.

Did Joann’s have velcro in colorsNo!

Did the local upholstery stores?  No!

Was it available online in increments smaller than 150 foot commercial rolls?  Not that I could find!

In the end, I opted for basic black and white.  If you look closely, you can see that the black velcro on the brown bag is different than the white.  <Geek Alert> The black is technically called one-wrap, and incorporates both the fuzzy and prickly bits on one tape.  It’s most commonly used in data centers, to wrangle recalcitrant cables.  Better than wire ties, as it can be removed and reapplied when things move.  <End Geek Alert>

Tote_Frame The totes start with an aluminum frame.  The handle folds down, so they are collapsible.  The kit came with a pattern for the sac, but no instructions, though really, they aren’t needed.  I used a picture off the Internet to get an idea of how they were constructed, and went from there!

Tote_Pip_PawI used heavyweight iron-on interfacing to give structure to the body of the bag, and Peltex stiffener fused to the bottom to prevent sagging.  The fabric in all the totes is upholstery weight cotton, so they should stand up to some use.  Each sac is lined with complementary fabric.  Velcro is sewn evenly around the top, to attach to the frame.  Voilá!  Market Tote!

The aqua & purple bag has Pip’s Paw of Approval!


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  1. Excellent blog and I’m glad you’ve left a message at The Stitchery so I could find it! I’d love to see your dog beds someday so I’ll be sure to bookmark this site.

    • The frames came from a woman who runs a co-op, on Yahoo groups. Unfortunately, she’s closed the group to new members. I have, however, seen complete totes offered for sale at Asian markets, and various places online. Do a search on Riesenthal baskets.

  2. I love your market baskets. Where did you get the frames? I know, E-bay or one of your sewing haunts. Good for you. I also love your new fabrics and the skirt. What a lovely garden that is. I guess you water it well. Good luck on the unruly borders (fit). Set it aside and one day….. check with SJ also for she had the same problem. I’m not sure what she did to alter/fit.

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