BWOF #112 6/2009


BWOF_6112_d The capris are done! Don’t they look lovely on Flora?

Burda World of Fashion (BWOF as it’s sometimes called) is a combination fashion / pattern magazine from Germany.  Besides en courant photos of up and coming styles, the magazine also includes a center tear out section, where you can trace off all, I repeat, all the clothes shown in the magazine.

Of course, since all sizes are included on the same pages, following the lines for the right pattern and size can be a bit tedious.

The style is for capri pants that are beachy, with wide legs, a shaped waistband, with small front pleats and in-seam pockets.  I liked that idea!

That said, these didn’t turn out quite as well as I had hoped.  They are certainly wearable, and I will wear them, but they’re just not what was in my mind’s eye.

BWOF_6_112_bThe fabric is a an embroidered cotton / linen blend from Big Box*.  A very limp linen.  It stretched in the waist once cut; but I was able to corral that by increasing the size of the front pleats, and doing a little judicious gathering and button placement.

The in-seam pockets went in very well.  I like those!  I did my usual waistband facing – something from the leftover bin.  In this instance, it helped, as the yellow cotton provides more stability than just interfacing the fashion fabric would have.  It doesn’t alter then exterior look either.

These will work in Cactusville.  What I’ll do on the next pair: take in the overall width of the front by a bit, narrow the legs, us a fabric with more body.  Yes, Virginia, there will be a next pair!

BWOF 6_112_a

*Big Box, aka the chain store that begins with J.


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