Jalie 968



The jeans are done!  Here they are, modeled by Flora.  The pattern is Jalie 968, described as straight leg jeans.  Alas, the last time I checked the Jalie web site, the pattern was not listed, so it may well be out of print.  I’ve had it for years, but only recently gotten around to making it.

Jalie is a pattern company out of Canada, which specializes in a lot of athletic wear – think skating patterns, workout clothes, etc.  But, they also carry a series of regular clothing, of which this is (or was) one.  Check them out, they have some lovely styles.

Similar to Burda World of Fashion, Jalie comes all sizes in one envelope.  All sizes – from 2T, as in toddler to US 22. Sizes are again, printed on the same piece of paper, so you have to trace your lines carefully.  Like Kwik Sew, they are printed on heavy paper, so I generally trace off onto tissue.  This multi-sizing makes Jalie useful for lots of different family members.  Unlike Burda, they also have excellent instructions.

Jalie_968_b I did my usual, non-matching fabric for the pocket lining and fly placket.  In my mind, this helps both the fly area, and the pockets have less thickness.  The stretch denim I used is pretty beefy, and, well, let’s face it, no one wants extra heft around their mid section.

The fabric is from Big Box*.  It’s been washed and dried once, but the last piece of denim I got from them continued to shrink in length (go figure!) with successive washings.  I took care with these to have a larger than usual hem, so there’s room to let them out if needed.

I toyed with the idea of using an actual metal trouser zipper on these, but in the end time won out over authenticity, and I used a nylon one from stash.  These jeans got the Prince Charming seal of approval too!




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  1. “modeled by Flora.” hehehehehehe! Good one.

    Love the pants on you (my favorite shot). I have this pattern and haven’t made it up. I like how they sit right below your waist. Nicely done

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