Vogue 8597


V8597_cVogue 8597 is a cowl neck, raglan sleeved top.  For some reason, I have been searching for raglan sleeves of late.  But I didn’t want your basic t-shirt, I was looking for a more stylish interpretation.  This fit the bill.

It comes with three-quarter or long sleeves, high hip or tunic length.  I made the grey one:  high hip and 3/4 sleeves.

The fabric is some unknown knit, acquired a couple years ago at the Sew-In RuMage (use the French pronunciation) Table.  A burn test shows it to be some sort of cotton/poly blend.

This was a muslin.  Not a wearable muslin, but a muslin.  I sewed it up, not expecting it to fit out of the envelope at all.  This was a test.  Would it work?  How much tweaking would I have to do?  That said, imagine my surprise! V8597

Not only did it fit well – the stripes matched at nearly every seam.  There are seams across the top of the shoulder and down the sleeve (2 part sleeve), as well as front and back armscye.  There is also a seam up the back of the modified cowl – which you can sorta / kinda see in the photo.  I swear, had I tried to match this on purpose, it would never have happened!

Now that I know it will work, I want to make more!  If only the weather would cooperate.  Alas, here in Cactusville, we have just barely dropped below 100.  98 expected today.  Still too warm for sleeves and collars.

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