Rodarte at Target


I was reading the business section the other day, and came across a blurb saying the uniquely talented Mulleavy sisters, of the Rodarte fashion name, have inked a deal with Target.  Similar to Isaac Mizrahi, they will be offering their signature style to the hoi polloi.  That’s Us!dress_2

Since this is Fashion Week in New York City, I decided to check out their Spring 2010 offering.  Just what, I wondered, would Targét be carrying?

Rodate is known for taking lovely fabrics, and manipulating them into something completely different.  They will sand, dye, burn, shred, fringe, paint and otherwise change things to suit their vision.  While this may be anathema to those of us who sew (and wouldn’t dream of harming that silk velvet) it is interesting.  If you’re like me, and have wrestled with indecision and anxiety before cutting into that “good piece” of fabric it can also be nightmare producing!

dress_ropeBesides the textural changes, they also come up with some unusual ways of clothing the body.

I was very surprised to see what they were offering in the new collection.  In my mind, these styles are a cross bewteen Mad Max (Tina Turner in Beyond Thunderdome, anyone?) and some post-apocalyptic tribe of Amazons.  Given today’s economic meltdown, that may not be too far from the truth.  I sure wouldn’t mess with any of these women!

R_pantsThat said, what, out of this chaotic cacaphony, will Target have?  Are these garments something that can be toned down or deconstructed to a point where they would be financially feasible to mass produce?

I have no idea, but I am intensely curious to see what develops.  Will the sisters remain true to their vision?  Will corporate American dictate generic, cheap t-shirts with a high end label?  Can the to two blend into some sort of union, which is both visionary and marketable?  I dunno, but I certainly hope so.

While the clothes are not to everyone’s liking, they are certainly designs with a vision.  The tattoos aren’t bad either!

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