New Look 6729


6729I’ve had this pattern for, well, for ages.  It’s sat in my “Need to Make Soon” stack, and I am proud to say I have finally gotten round to it.  Truth be told, I think seeing it over and over and over again shamed coerced me into making it.

I made view C, the cap sleeve crossover top.  This pattern goes together very easily. I don’t know why it took me so long!  It’s just 3 pattern pieces.  The top, which includes the cross over bits, the back and the tummy panel.

NL6729I think it was the fabric that had me petrified.  I decided to use something new for me – a stretch poly mesh, which you can see on Flora to the right.  Now, this stuff is pretty sheer, so instead of wearing a cami under it (too much bother) or trying to finagle a lining (and draft a lining pattern – remember, this is supposed to be easy!)  I just cut double.  So everything was done with two layers.

Rather than treat the second layer as a lining, I used the stich & flip method of construction, so everything but the side seams are encased between the two layers.  This makes the top nice and soft against the skin and hides almost all the seams.  I didn’t serge it either; this is all sewn with a small zigzag.  Again, the fabric is very thin, and I thought the serger would have caused ridges.  Those (the ridges) belong on Ruffles (the potato chip).


Since this fabric doesn’t ravel, I also didn’t bother with a hem on any of the edges.  There’s no need!  Should I make this top again, I will lengthen it a bit.  It feels just a tad too short, and would have been shorter had I hemmed it.  Good thing I didn’t!

If you’ve a mind to try working with poly mesh, I highly recommend it.  It’s easy, forgiving and comfortable.  And, should you want a little Limeade for your wardrobe, Gorgeous Fabrics still has some (and it’s on sale).


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