Farewell Gourmet


I am back from vacation, though not quite back to the Land of the Living, having caught quite the nasty cold.  Thankfully, the last couple days we were gone just had me giving a good impersonation of someone who smokes several packs of Camel unfiltered’s a day.  The real symptoms waited until I got home <cough, cough, sneeze>!

While catching up on e-mail and blogs, as well as leaving a lovely trail of tissues about the house, I read that Gourmet magazine has printed it’s last recipe.  That’s right, as of this week, the magazine is no more.  I don’t know if their recipes on the Epicurios recipe site will remain, or be taken down.

gourmetWhile I am by no means a gourmet cook, I have enjoyed many hours just reading through the various methods, preps, steps and ideas Gourmet has offered.  It’s a very good “go to” place to find answers to “how do I?” and “why should I?” questions.

I am now doubly glad to have the cookbook!  The one pictured at left is the 2006 issue, there is an updated 2009 issue.  Both still available from Amazon.

Unlike the magazine, the cookbook (at least our issue) does not have pictures.  No glossy color images to make the tummy rumble and the creative juices flow, just excellent line drawings.

Farewell Gourmet.  Farewell Ruth Reichl.  You’ll be missed.

Lest we lose all our lovely cooking sites, I urge everyone to check out Lynne Rosetto Kasper, and her Splendid Table radio show.  In Cactusville, it’s on the NPR station (KJZZ) every Sunday at 2pm.  Lynne is also a wealth of cooking information, as well as a warm and humorous personality.  The radio shows are also available as podcasts, so there’s no need to miss a single one!


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