Laura McCabe: Closing Up Shop


Laura McCabe, of Just Let Me Bead is closing up shop.  Laura is one of the premier designers in the beading world.  Her pieces are unique and quite extraordinary.  Her web site sold kits, finished pieces as well as supplies for us magpies (beaders) to execute her designs.

eyeballcreature-october-blastShe will no longer be doing this, but instead devoting her time to designing and executing finished pieces as well as teaching a select number of classes.  Glad to know she will still be around!

I am particularly smitten with the new piece at left.  Is that a scepter for a Fairy Queen?  One you wouldn’t want to mess with?

Laura will continue her partnership with Ann Benson, and new kits will be available at Beads East and patterns at Bead Pattern Central. For supplies without a kit, I guess you’re on your own.

rivoliInventory is being liquidated in an E-bay store: High End Beads This is a great chance to stock on on the unusual sizes of beads Laura’s work frequently requires.  Swarovski rivolis, size 12° 3-cut beads and many others.  I succumbed to the glinting lure, and received these in the post.  Not sure what I’ll make with them.  As Prince Charming says, “It’s not like they’ll go bad.”


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