Happy Anniversary


grinderPrince Charming is very particular about his coffee, to the point of roasting his own green coffee beans.  That’s green, as in raw, unroasted, not as in energy efficient.

We make two types of coffee in our house.  During the week, it’s a drip coffee maker, but on the weekends, it’s  French Press.  Each type requires the coffee be ground to a different coarseness level to achieve maximum flavor.

Earlier this week, in a fit of domestic zeal (I should have lied down until it passed – BIG Mistake!) I broke the coffee grinder.  Inserting the burred grinding mechanism upside-down is not a good thing.  The metal gears mesh, and there’s no way to remove it.  I tried!  Prince Charming tried!  I called a halt to repairs when there was active electricity and a kitchen knife poking at the grinding mechanism.  One mistake need not be followed by another.

So, a trip to Crate & Barrel ensued, to produce a new coffee grinder, and some anniversary appropriate mugs with which to enjoy the brew.

Happy Anniversary Prince Charming

Thank you for 16 Wonderful Years!


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