Mojo, Wherefore Art Thou?


There has been precious little sewing going on at Casa Thunderpaws.  A little mending, a few hand sewing bits but really, nothing to speak of.  And I can’t figure out why!

My sewing mojo seems to have followed my wits – and entered the Witless Protection Program.  Does that mean I’m at my Wits End?

Mojo!  Mojo!  Come here little mojo.  I promise I’ll treat you well.  Would you like a piece of wool?  How about some nice silk twill?  Maybe a saucer of sequins?  Come out, come out, wherever you are…  Alas, my Mojo , she remains missing.

I worked on the last bit of mending yesterday evening – adjusting the waist on a pair of pants…and promptly pulled the zipper head off.  Fixing that is more work than these pants warrant.  Instead I decided to finish reading Threads.  Only to be interrupted every other sentence by Maximus Cat, who had to show off his new skill.  Fetch! That’s right, besides being a fetching fellow, he will play fetch with you and his favorite red fuzzy.

So, dear readers, if you see my Mojo careening out-of-control through the fabric stores, would you please send her home?  I miss her.


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