Beaded Bows


While my sewing mojo has left home with no forwarding address, I have managed to remain somewhat creative, which has helped my sanity as well as that of the rest of the household.   As they saying goes, “If Mom ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”.  Isn’t that the truth!

These are my interpretation of the beaded bows from the December issue of Bead & Button magazine.  I think they turned out rather well.  They’re made in sections, two upper bows, two lower dangles (or whatever you call the legs of a bow) and a piece to wrap around the middle, which hides all the attach-together stitching.  The instructions call for delicas, 11° and 10° hex beads and some teensy tiny 15°s to decorate the edges.  Umm, yeah.  Size 10 hex beads are really difficult to find, and when you do find them, their quality is not so good.  Still, I followed instructions for the first one. (Those who know me can stop laughing now.  I do follow instructions – sometimes!)

However, for the second one, I had the gist of the design, and went out on my own.  I skipped the delicas all togehter, and used regular seed beads.  Much easier to work with – probably helped that the red wasn’t silver lined.  Easier to see.  The only 10° hex in this piece is the silver.  I still had to cull them, to get enough of the right size, but it was easier.  The rest of the hex rows I used 8°s, which are much easier to find.  Those little silver dots on the edges are beads.  Very.   Tiny.  Beads.

These are both lapel pins.  I imagine you could attach a strap to them and use them as a necklace, but they are not very rigid.  The legs flop around a bit.  Flop.  One of those technical beading terms.


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  1. Wow, these look really neat! Of course, they are much longer lasting than the squishy ugly ones from the store with white sticker/stapled adhesive on the bottom. I especially like the splash of silver in the red – it really makes the bow pop with festiveness. (Is that a word? Well, it is now!) These would look great on a Christmas gift with a beautiful ribbon and handmade gift tag. Nice job!

    • Thanks for the compliment. I think handmade gift tags are out of my realm. That’s more your style, you with the excellent paper crafting skills!

  2. Maybe we can trade secrets. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make beaded earrings and bracelets but never had the guts to try it! Together we could make some really nice Christmas gifts. =)

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