Holiday Bling


To continue with the holiday theme, I did a series of beaded earings.  The overall design is basically stacking crystals of the same type, but different sizes.  There are two pair of Christmas trees, one from crystal margaritas and one from emerald green (6mm, 8mm, 10mm stones, stacked).  The long white ones are snowmen!

Rather than use ear wires, and permanently affix each pair to it’s own earing, I found some silver hoops and made the top loop of the dangles large enough to go around.  Well, almost.  The discerning viewer will note that I had to add jump rings on the crystal trees.   This way, the dangling holiday crystals can be swapped out, and the same pair of hoops used for a something different, or completely alone.

Hmmm.  There may be a theme here.  What other seasons or holidays could I make dangles for?

While digging through the crystal bin, I had completely forgotten that I picked up a series of green stones.  That led to this pin.

Not bad, but not one of my favorites.  I think the yellow beads need to be changed.  They look to cellophane-y to me.  I’m going for jewelry, not a Harry & David fruit basket!


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  1. Those are toooo cute! I love the snowmen. I like the fact that you can interchange them with various types of hooks or hoops so you’re not stuck with one particular kind. Your creativity is inspiring!

  2. I THINK THESE ARE JUST GREAT AND GLAD THEY ARE M I N E!!! So many people comment on them. Lady a Jewish center asked if there were any for sale, LOL.
    Reason I got add’l lever hoops, because my fingers fumble the small pcs and I DO NOT want to loose them.

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