Jalie 968: The Grey Jeans


I’m wearing these today. And no, my sewing mojo still hasn’t returned.  I made these a couple months back.  The Grey Jeans as I call them, from my favorite jeans pattern, Jalie 968.

The fabric is a really nice, beefy denim with a slight striation in the color.  Not a poor dye job; it’s supposed to be that way!

It’s from a denim sale Ressy, The Evil Fabric Queen had.  Ressy runs a co-op on yahoo groups that caters to the fabric addict.  She gets some of the nicest stuff!

I did my usual with these, meaning the fly placket and pocket linings are from another fabric.  On denim, I find it works out better.  These is less bulk where you don’t want bulk.  Hmmm, better work on the grammar of that sentence, it doesn’t parse very well.

I had intended to make these up quickly over a weekend, but one thing led to another, and they turned into more of a project.  The backs just seemed a little bland, so I added some machine embroidery on the pockets and yoke, as well as some gunmetal rhinestuds.  Sparklies!  I likes.  The added detail promotes these from being “just” jeans to being dressy jeans.

The embroidery designs are from Bobbi, over at Bullard Designs who, by the way, is having a holiday sale right now.  50% off selected designs.  These designs fit right onto the pocket and yoke without any tweaking or re-sizing, which is even better.


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