Aqua Bracelets


These are some more bead crochet bracelets.  I really like the way they turned out.  They’re made with size 8 silver-lined grey beads and C-Lon bead cord.

The cord is about the thickness of a regular crochet cotton, but much stiffer.  I’ve worked with it in the past, but with size 6 beads, instead of 8°s.  It works much better with 6°s.  The 8°s are just a wee bit too small, and one has to wrangle the cord.  Wrangle, that’s another one of those technical beading terms.

This will probably be the last of the beading posts for a while.  I spent the weekend tracing patterns, and may have spied my sewing mojo peeking in the window.  I could feel her presence faintly, though she hasn’t yet returned to the house.   She’s close.  To offer a little temptation, this lovely batch of fabric arrived on Friday, courtesy of the recent sale at Gorgeous Fabrics.

Sewing Mojo, oh little Sewing Mojo, look what I have for you.


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