Snap Press


This behemoth of a piece of iron is a snap press.  It’s used for attaching snaps – like you find on onesies, or sportswear.   One of those ultra specialized tools which not every sewing room has, or for that matter needs.  I have it because I went through a stage of making onesies for a series of friends who became pregnant around the same time.

Let me correct that. I have it because Prince Charming got tired of hearing me swear like a sailor while I was in the garage trying to attach snaps with a hammer and the standard small, plastic, snap attachment tool.  He asked if there wasn’t a better way?

What’s a girl to do when tools are dangled before her?

The press takes dies, which are seated into a sleeve.  The lower sleeve holds the die for the snap cap, and the upper sleeve holds the die for the stud and socket, respectively.  You can get them in different sizes.  I have 16 and 20, which are pretty much the standard garment sizes.  The upper sleeve is tightened with the allen wrench.

You can attach pretty much any type of  snap.  Open center, closed face, and my favorite, polyacetyl resin snaps.  I like the poly resin snaps because there’s no worry about rust, like with the metal snaps, and they don’t clink and clang in the dryer.  Best of all they come in a wide range of colors! Kids clothes are all about color, if nothing else.  Prince Charming also made the nice sturdy wooden base for the press, with felt on the bottom so it doesn’t scratch the table.

I was putting snaps on some little boy’s shirts last night.  You can see the cap and socket on the left, and the closed face on the right.  You  may have to look closely, the print is pretty busy.

I think the snaps make it much easier for little fingers to dress themselves, and Mom doesn’t need to worry about buttons falling off or being eaten.

What’s that you heard?  Yes, I was actually sewing last night!  I won’t say my sewing mojo has returned full force, but she’s definitely taken up residence again, and I am sooo happy!  Happy! Happy! Happy!


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