Hot Pink Hallucination


This is another free download, courtesy of the folks at Hot Patterns and  It’s called the Slinky Shrug, and is a PDF pattern.  You print it on your home printer, and tape the pages together.  Pretty nifty!

I wasn’t particularly taken with it on first sight.  Then the wonderful Mary Beth, over at the Sewing Divas provided this exceptional tutorial.  She tells you exactly which pages you need to print, and how much ribbing is needed for each size.  Kudos to Mary Beth!

So, I downloaded.  I printed.  I traced off my size.  I even followed the Hot Patterns mantra “always make a muslin”. The shrug is super easy to sew, all done on the serger.  I now present:

The Hot Pink Hallucination

This nifty little number showed me several things.

  1. You need to be careful measuring your ribbing, especially for the long edge, otherwise it won’t stretch enough to go around the whole garment.
  2. Shape the ribbing with steam first, to stretch out the edge so it curves properly.
  3. Add some stabilizer to the shoulder seams, so they don’t stretch and slouch.
  4. Making a muslin is good use of ugly fabric you’ll never wear!

For those who want a more detailed description, the body of the shrug is a thermal knit, courtesy of the now defunct local JoAnn’s, and the solid pink is 1×1 cotton ribbing, left over from making children’s clothes.   Even Prince Charming thought this was the ugliest fabric he’s seen in a long, long time.

Will I wear this?  No.  Will I make another shrug?  Yes.  Will the next one be nicer fabric?  You betcha!


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  1. This is a great little pattern for the “inspiration challenged”, as I found myself this December. I hope you find a great fabric for the next version and model us your version.

    Happy Holidays to you and your tribe, Suzi!

  2. I think that turned out cute! I know what you mean about keeping the stretch and length of ribbing in mind. I’ve made some patterns (not this one) that have looked rather like stretched out messes thanks to my rushing!

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