Butterick 6838


Hello, and Happy New Year! In following through on the premise of quality over quantity, this is Mom’s Christmas present, which wasn’t completed until she came to town so I could fit it properly.

A couple months back, she mentioned how difficult it was to find nighties that had wide straps and were comfortable (sans synthetics) to wear.  I saw this pattern during one of the pattern sales, and thought it would be most appropriate.

Mom came to visit for New Year’s, as she usually does, and I took the opportunity to fit the pattern to her.  The result was this nifty number:

It was a delight to sew, being made from a silk/cotton twill fabric from Fabric Mart Fabrics.  The yoke lining is a cotton/poly weave to counteract the stretch of the twill.

Besides a couple of tweaks to compensate for body versus stylistic issues, this was a very easy pattern to put together.  Being a nightie, there weren’t a whole lot of fitting issues to consider, beyond making sure the yoke fit appropriately.  It was an easy pattern to sew up, all straight seams on the serger for the most part.  I skipped much of the pattern instructions, since the yoke went together the same as a stand-based collar.  What can I say?

Merry Giftmas Mom! Maybe another for your birthday, perhaps?


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