2010: A New Decade


2010 was ushered in with a blue moon*; the second full moon for December.  I believe and hope this bodes well for the new decade.

It is traditional to recap what went on in the previous year, prior to expounding on goals for the new one.  For me, with a couple exceptions, I am just glad 2009 is past.

  • Highs: Sew-in 2009, vacation, still being employed, arrival of the Hellboys.
  • Lows: the passing of Viktor Frankenkatzen, Uncle Rudy, chronic achilles tendonitis affecting my workouts.
  • Joyful Constants: Prince Charming, Tribe, family, friends, creative endeavors.

So, while 2009 was not a particularly bad year, I wouldn’t call it a vintage to store and savor.

I’ve been thinking about this year.   What I would like to accomplish, what I can do to better myself, make life easier for my loved ones, the world as a whole.  Resolving World Hunger, bringing peace in the Middle East and Africa, stamping out poverty.  All these came to mind, but it’s unlikely little ol’ moi will have much of an effect on them.  Instead I plan to concentrate on stretching and perfecting my creative skills.

I hereby publicly announce goals for 2010 (and geez, doesn’t that just sound so pompous?):

  • I would like to complete something every week. This will mean 52 new “things”.  I say things because they will not all involve sewing, though I hope most of them will.  Some may be new beading projects, or mundane and house-related, like refinishing the kitchen cabinet doors.
  • Work out at least 1/2 hour, 5 days a week. This one is pretty basic and something I do most of the time.  A continuance, but a continuance I need to be reminded of when the weeks are frantic, when it’s 115 in Cactusville and huffing & puffing happens when you’re just standing still.
  • Use the good fabric. This is a corollary to #1.  I have a lot of very nice fabric.  I rarely use this very nice fabric.  This very nice fabric is stored in bins and boxes throughout the house.  It’s time to get over the fear of ruining the good stuff and make something fabulous.

There you have it.  Not too much.  Goals, resolutions, revolutions, call them what you will, they’re painted with a pretty broad brush.  It’s a brush I know will bring much pleasure and happiness, not only to me, but to others as well.

So, dear readers, come paint with me in 2010.  Let’s see how large our canvass can be, how creative we can get, how far outside the box we can go.  Or maybe we’ll discard the box all together. Wouldn’t that be something?

* Moon photograph courtesy of Jessica Green


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    • No, you did!

      But when I tried to give you credit in the blog, all the HTML
      went wonky on me, and the whole post deleted itself!

      So, to everyone reading the comments, the wonderful Jessica Green
      took the photo of the full moon. Isn’t she talented!

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