Triangle Braid


I finally finished this Saturday night, just a couple months shy of it’s 3rd anniversary, much as I hate to admit it.  Not that it was difficult.  Once you start the basic stitch, it was just doing it again, and again, and again.  Not that it was particularly boring – it’s easy TV-work.

The original pattern called for the bracelet to be a slip-on bangle…and I don’t wear bangles. Simple enough.  That little realization (it only took 3 years!  Sheesh!) is what had me put this away for a whole year, then put it away again, for another whole year! Does that count as being consistent?

The band is a 4-fingered herringbone or Ndebele, as it’s sometimes called.  This stitch makes the beads cant at an angle as they’re worked, hence herringbone.   What gives this piece the chevron effect in the center is using triangle beads.  Three triangles in the center of each side (front & back), and one regular seed along the edges.  The triangles are nestled so the point of the center one is up, and the two adjacent ones show a flat side.

Make three even strips, attach to 1/2 of a clasp, braid them, and attach to the other end of the clasp.  Voilá! Finished bracelet!

I’m not terribly fond of the clasp, but it was the only three-strand one I had.  I hope to pick up a different, less shiny one in the near future.  Using jump rings to attach the bands to the clasp makes it much easier to change out.


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