Pirate Sweater


There has been precious little sewing going on at Chez Thunderpaws.  There has, however, been a lot of computer-dom going on, as I migrate from work’s old laptop to the fancy snazzy new one they provided me.

I guess laptops aren’t supposed to last longer than 6 years, which is, I think, the age of the current one.  So, I have been spending much too much time deciphering cryptic instructions (attach cable, run program, it works – Not!)  This is not a complaint though.  In today’s economy, coupled with the fact that I am a contractor, I am quite honored to even get an upgrade.

So, that’s my reason for no sewing posts, and I’m sticking to it!

Now, I know several folks who read this also knit.  All of them knit quite well, and certainly better than I do.  While I know how to knit, and have done so on several occasions, I have not succumbed to the current knitting craze.  It just isn’t moi!

However I could totally get behind this sweater.  Isn’t it just the most unusual thing you’ve ever seen?  I’d probably leave off the furry tribbles on the shoulder.  Wouldn’t it be the perfect garment for Talk Like a Pirate Day? (Yes, that is an actual holiday – Setpember 19)

Alexander McQueen Menswear Fall 2010*

The Cabana Boy modeling isn’t bad either, but doesn’t hold a candle to Prince Charming.

*Pictures from Wireimage


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  1. I adore it when the fashion houses rediscover knitting (again and again). I’d love a close-up of the skull. It looks like a complex arrangements of cables. WE loves it!

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