Chanel Spring 2010


I caught the Chanel Spring 2010 release on the internet.   (What, you thought I could make Fashion Week in Paris?  Only in my dreams!) If you skip the shoes (silver space booties, anyone?) and the hair (why is it runway shows always have such over-the-top hair and make-up?)  The colors were all lovely spring pastels, all pale, diaphanous shades with silver glints.

Sometimes outright silver threads too!  While I normally tend towards stronger colors, I found I really liked these.  Maybe it’s the uncertain times.  The fabrics remind me of rustic, tweedy princesses.  Princesses who wear the pants in the castle, to be sure!  Hardly any of the signature suits had pants.  They were all shown with coulottes!

I really like this fabric.  Originally I thought the beaded detail was too much, but the more I look at it, the more it seems to fit.   How else would you decorate a suit shot through with silver threads?

The way the sleeves gather up to the collar is also insteresting.  In my mind this gives things a tulip effect.

Not sure about having borrowed her brother’s school tie.  Maybe someone thought it needed a bold statement?

So, what do you think?  Does Karl Lagerfeld, the design force behind Chanel have another winner?

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