Red Hots Vogue: 8597


The Red Hots Top waves Hello! Doesn’t that color remind you of red hots candy?  It sure does to me!  This is my second foray into Vogue 8597 and it went together even easier than the first one.

The fabric, from Fashionista Fabrics is really unusual.  Besides having little shots of gold thread throughout (there I go again, with that inner magpie) it also has a texture knitted in.  So, in the right light, there are smooth sections, and rougher sections all put together to look like waves.  I tried to photograph this, but the camera was having none of it.  In fact, I didn’t notice it until the top was in natural sunlight.

I also realized a couple of “gotchasthis time around:

  • The cowl / funnel neck only has a turned under hem, so it is important that the fabric look good from both sides, as both sides show.
  • Drape is also significant to get the neckline to lay flat, otherwise the cowl will behave more like a turtleneck, which I guess is fine, if you need a mask for a quick robbery!
  • Fabric selection is key

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