Battle of the Beads


When I go to Tucson, I always try to visit the Best Bead Show.  This is where all the fancy art beads hang out.  It is lampwork and glass blower paradise.  All the colors of the rainbow coalesced into minute works of art.

These pretties followed me home this year.  The yellow fish is from JuJee Beads. She reminds me of that old Julie Brown song, “Cause I’m a Blonde”, so I’ve named her Blondie.  In fact, the artist and I were doing a fair rendition of the song at her booth: “I’m a 4th year freshman at UCLA, and I want to be a veterinarian because I love children”.  Hum a few bars…

The birds were a hard won battle.  Both are from Grama Tortoise The cockatoo has already been mailed to my niece.  She’s a bird person, and has recently had surgery.  I thought it would be a good pick-me-up.

I channeled Mom, and her fantastic bargaining abilities to get it, too.  Literally snatched from the slow hands of two other women, who couldn’t decide which of them should purchase the other cockatoo.  The artist said “I have one more” to which I responded “Sold!”  They were not happy.  I was determined.  You snooze, you lose.

You’d think, with all the lovely things that came home with me I should have no regrets.  But, what do I keep thinking about?These beauties.  They are by Kevin O’Grady, and are made from pyrex glass.  These are a new addition to his bracelets, and I think they are just lovely.  Better start saving for next year.


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