Fugly Week


There has been no sewing, or much of anything else going on at Casa Thunderpaws this week.  In fact, the whole week has just been a total pain in the pattootie!  No pictures either, alas.

Monday morning Earin and her hubby Richard the Scott headed off into the sunset in their RV, with their children: 5 cats (Opie, Ollie, Otis, Opal and Olive) and Omar the Dog. They had come from California to visit for my birthday.  We had a wonderful time.  Yes, there is a trend; all their fur babies names start with O.

Tuesday all hell broke loose at work, with what the powers-that-be euphemistically call a Resource Action, otherwise known as layoffs.  Our group lost 3, with more than 1500 total in the US.  I am still there, thankfully, but really feeling survivors guilt.

Wednesday’s post brought us a little note from the tax man, saying they’ve denied our claim for 2008.  The IRS says we owe them a considerable sum of money, plus penalties, and no, they will not take any of Otto’s hairballs in payment.  Do you think they would accept felted cat fur?

I am beyond wit’s end, and in fact, currently witless.  The lone wit I had left is cowering under the desk, making small whimpering noises.  She refuses to come out, even with gentle coaxing.

Plan for the weekend:  Regroup, Re-energize, Regain my wits.


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