Mixin’ It Up


I finished this necklace over the weekend, and must say it turned out rather well.  It’s my interpretation of a working-outside-your-comfort-zone article from the Jan / Feb issue of Bead & Button magazine.  In this case, outside-my-comfort-zone is stringing, which I don’t usually do.

The observant will recall that I purchased the center teardrops at the Tucson Gem Show a couple weeks back.  I really liked their coloration, but wasn’t at all sure what to do with them.

Then I was concerned about the whole piece looking too Christmasy, mixing red and green.  I don’t think that happened at all.  The necklace is a mix of bits and  pieces, some tiny seed beads, some hex, and the larger focals.  The brown ones feel really nice as they are rubberized.

The bracelet is made with the antique nailheads, also from Tucson 2010. They’re a real chalky white glass, with pale blue-grey seeds between each nailhead.

The original idea was to vary the size of the beads between each nailhead to get a wave pattern, but life did not cooperate; frustration loomed; time to simplify!  I finished this Friday night, and wore it to a trunk show at one of the local quilt shops, where it promptly fell off.

I wore it out to lunch on Sunday, and it again fell off.  So, I made this bracelet not once, but twice.  Sunday afternoon, I cut it all apart, restrung everything, and replaced the magnetic clasp with a lobster claw.  Now it stays on!

That’s one of the nice things about working with beads.  If it doesn’t turn out, or you don’t like the finished result: Snip!  Snip! Everything is cut apart, to be used for something else.  Makes playing with beads a very forgiving hobby, unlike sewing, where once you cut, you’re committed.

Besides all the beading going on this weekend (why does the room always look like a bomb went off when I bead, but not when I sew?) there was sewing, but no pictures of that just yet.  I have to finish a few things!


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