Toiling and Travail


This picture exemplifies the past week in sooo many ways:

  • We were audited by the IRS for 2007 and 2008.  Apparently there were issues with some mortgage interest, as well as my work-at-home expenses.  Reams of paper, cubic volumes of ink, and a large check later, we have been released.  Always be sure your tax preparer is competent, and fills out all the forms completely!
  • The nightmares I’ve been having.  I couldn’t get images of poor houses and children in factories; toiling long hours in some subterranean abyss to pay the Tax Man.  Very Steampunk. (Would have made a great film á la City of Lost Children)
  • Work itself, picking up the tasks of folks who went on vacation – their vacations justifiably deserved, however the work doesn’t stop.
  • Searching for a computer replacement for Mom.  It has to be XP, so I can diagnose problems over the phone.  Can’t fix things if I can’t replicate the error.  Did you know there are very few XP systems available these days?
  • Preparing for Prince Charming’s departure.  He leaves this weekend, for a week of familial duties.

I’m going to spend the weekend cleaning up and getting the house in order.  then it’s time to jumpstart life.  ExerciseEating RightSewingBeading. All the myriad things that bring a smile to the face and a song to one’s heart.  I’m ready!

Photo: Martina Navratilova by Annie Liebowitz


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