A Proper Place


After all the goings on of the past couple weeks, it seemed time to put things on their proper place.  Placemats, that is.   This round of household sewing has come full circle.

OK, enough with the bad puns.  As you can see I opted for simple sewing this weekend.

The placemats are from a pattern that was distributed to my local sewing guild over a year ago.  Basically you cut the backing to size, choose your center, add batting and sew strips: around and around and around.  Pretty easy, which is what I needed.   Something with a high success rate!

I used the center focal fabric for the flip sides too, since they were both prints I liked.  Had I had more fabric, I might have done a bit of fussy cutting, to center some of the skeletons in specific places on the pieced side.  As it was, I barely had enough to finish!

If you look closely on the green ones, I quilted the center rectangles with metallic thread, which gives these a little glitz.  I was surprised to find out that metallic thread is much, much easier to use for free motion quilting than embroidery.  I have a devil of a time when I try to use it for that.  For this application it was a breeze! I may have to rethink where I use the metallics.

The batting was just whatever I had laying around – Warm & Natural I think.  Felt good to use it, and clear some space in the closet.  The green placemats will be staying here.

The Day of the Dead ones are part of a larger ensemble for a Choose-Your-Holiday themed silent auction at this year’s Sew-In.  A friend and I are creating a grouping of household items, all centered around Dia de los Muertes.  So far we have pincushions, an apron, and placemats.  Still to go are pot holders and, well, I’m not sure what else.  Will have to see how time and incentive go.

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  1. How clever!! Would you believe I very nearly did some Day of the Dead designs for the same event? My group encouraged me – but I already had a project to use up stash. Can’t wait to see the rest of the ensemble.

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