Kwik Sew: Snuggly Sweater


I seem to do this frequently, working at cross purposes to the weather.  Here it is a high of nearly 90 in Cactusville, and I’m sewing up a sweater!  Go Figure!

This is a Kwik Sew pattern, whose number currently escapes me.  I did check their web site, and couldn’t find it, so it may well be out of print.  Anyway, it is a super easy to stitch up.  Almost everything is done on the serger.  A good thing too, as this was my first foray into sewing with sweater knits.  I had thought the fuzziness would cause issues, instead it was the 2-way stretch, and thickness of the fabric I had to coerce.  (I was about to say tame, but really, does anyone ever tame fabric?)

I’m particularly pleased at having the stripes line up at the front and side seams.  The buttons are vintage grey mother-of-pearl from stash.  The knit is from the Yahoo fabric group Joys of Sewing.

I took advantage of the 2-way stretch of the fabric to have the neck and bottom band stripes go the other direction.  After all, no one needs horizontal stripes across their hips!

The front buttons are stabilized on the inside with grossgrain ribbon.  In order to keep the stripes aligned, I used fusible stay tape on the sweater knit before sewing the ribbon on, preventing the fronts from stretching out of alignment.  The ribbon will both support the buttons  and keep the button holes from sagging and stretching.

I suppose I could have used a brighter, fancier ribbon, in keeping with my inner magpie, but somehow just didn’t feel up to it.  Understated.  A new direction for me.


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