New Shooz


Every year about this time, I start shopping for sandals.  Why?

Well, here in Cactusville that’s about all you wear for roughly 8 months of the year, starting now!

You’d think I would have quite a collection, but I don’t.  I get one, maybe two pair, and wear them pretty much non-stop.  By the time Sox Season rolls around at the end of October, all the support and padding is gone.   They are pushed to the back of the closet, donated to Goodwill (or whomever) around February, and the whole process starts anew.

This year, Aerosoles is the winner.  These are the new every day” sandals.  I know the pundits and forward facing fashionistas say that the gladiator look is passé, but I liked ’em, so I got ’em. Like all my previous Aerosoles, they are quite comfy, and fit right out of the box.  They also come in black/pewter and a white/silver combo.  I thought the tan/gold would be most wearable.

I splurged this year, and got a pair of heels.  Not sure how much actual use I’ll get out of these since I don’t have reason to dress up much.

They will solve the problem on what to wear to the Art Museum (besides clothes, Ms Smarty-pants), when I don’t want to look scruffy or tatty, or wear socks.  Maybe out to a nice dinner somewhere.  Prince Charming says I can lean on him if I start to totter.

Sometimes nostalgia sets in, and I lament that here in the Southwest one rarely has to dress up.  I remember growing up in the Midwest, where going downtown was cause for sharp dressing and excitement.  Not that I want to trade my current wardrobe for corporate suits and stilettos, but every so often it would be nice to have cause for looking über sharp.  Do you ever have these pangs, dear reader?

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  1. Oh yeah!! I remember when…we all dressed up to go on an airplane! Hats & Gloves to Church, an absolute must. AZ shock was seeing the youth choir in barefoot sandals!! Heresy! That was wayyyyyy back. I’m acclimated now!

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