Last Saturday our local Sewing Guild had their Spring Workshop.  They offered a series of four different all-day classes.  I signed up for Tailoring.

Now, there was some confusion, at least in my mind, on just what was meant by tailoring.  In my mind that’s pad stitching and setting the roll line of a lapel.  In fact, the class was alterations – on both completed garments as well as muslins.  Exactly what I was looking for.

Friday night I cut a couple of the patterns I had just traced out of  “muslin”, which for me is just cheap printed cotton.  I used to be able to get this for less than $1 a yard, however along with everything else, it’s gone up in price.  I may actually have to start using real muslin for muslins.  Wouldn’t that be something?

Saturday morning I quickly got them sewn up before dashing off to class.  That’s bright and early Saturday morning, for those keeping track.  The skirt at left is the Hot Patterns Slouch Fly Front.

I also managed to get McCall’s 5934 cut and sewn prior to class.  I think these will both be good all-round skirts.  Even better – now they fit!  Woo-hoo!

Besides having the instructor work on my skirts, I also got to see how to change things like shirts, pants and even a Rennaisance costume.  It was most enlightening.

The pants fitting in particular was totally counter-intuitive.  You scoop the seat in to get more room?  Yes, you do! This light-bulb moment made the whole class worthwhile!


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