I made these while “watching” TV in San Diego.  They are from a pattern by British bead designer Jean Power.  Prince Charming got the patterns (instructions) as my Christmas present.

The design calls for size 11º Delica (cylinder) beads.  Until I felt comfortable with the pattern I thought that size would be too small.  So, I made these out of size 8s.  Doesn’t take as many beads, and except for the first triangle (which always takes longer because I have to decipher the instructions), they went together quickly.

Now, can you tell which one I goofed on, and missed a row.  This is what happens when I think I have the instructions mesmerized!

The design calls for these to be stacked front to back, with some beads in between.  That would have the triangles on edge, going around one’s wrist.  I think I may string these end to end, alternating the angles with some beads in between, so they lay flat.

It may well be that with smaller beads, the on-edge triangles work well.   With the larger beads, not so much.


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