Jalie 2910: Crossover Top


I finished this up over the weekend.  This was a first pass to test the fit, and once again Jalie has a winner.  It’s another one of the infamous, or at least popular, crossover tops.

What I liked about this pattern is that the shoulder seams are moved forward, so they do not lie right across the top of your shoulder line.  This is really nice when you always have to make a forward shoulder adjustment, as I do.  My poor computer posture, to be sure!

I used a poly/rayon blend knit from an online seller, with a rayon-only knit for the contrasting accent.  I’m not too sure how the primary fabric will hold up, as it feels like it will pill.  Then again, it could just be rough skin on my hands.  In any event, if it lasts through summer, I will be pleased.

I really like the way it turned out.  The neckline is not too low, as is often the case with this style.  The contrasting neck band is cut smaller than the neck opening, along the stretch of the fabric, so it hugs the body nicely.  This would be a lot of fun made with a border print – border for the band and center fabric for the body.  I’ll have to see what’s in the stash.

The only thing I would change for the next sleeveless version is to make the armhole bands a bit smaller, to produce a snugger fit.  Like many patterns that are drafted for sleeves, when you make them sleeveless, the armholes tend toward gaposis as there is extra ease for a sleeve which isn’t there.


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