Demo Motion


C’mon Baby let’s do the Demo Motion
I know you’ll get to like it
If you give a chance now
C’mon Baby let’s do the Demo Motion
My little baby sister can do it with ease
It’s easier than learning your A B C’s

Some days, you just can’t get certain songs out of your head!

These bracelets are examples for a demo  I will be giving to my neighborhood Sewing Guild, when we meet in a couple weeks.  Hence, Demo Motion.

These were all inspired by the golden triangle bracelet I blogged about a while back.  In fact, they are the very same stitch, except with larger beads, and only one rope.  Variations on a theme, I guess you could call it.

The white bracelet shows what happens when you forget to do the “step-up”.  Instead of laying flat, the pattern starts to spiral.  I did this goof on purpose, so folks would know what to expect.

The red sample has daggers interspersed with regular  beads, to create a fringe effect.  It reminds me of a caterpillar.

Our group leader asked me back in January if I would be willing to teach the class, so I’ve spent the past couple months gathering supplies (Thank you Tucson Gem Show) and making samples.  All that’s left is to write up the instructions.

Rather than asking everyone to bring supplies, I’m going to make up kits; each enough to make one bracelet, including clasp, thread, needle, beads.  This seemed the best way to go, since the majority of folks attending are not beaders.  They have the option of purchasing a kit, or just taking the instructions home.

So what’s with a Sewing Guild offering a beading class? Well, we’re an omnivorous bunch.  We’ll take anyone who does anything with a needle or thread, or fibers of any sort.    It’s a great way to expand horizons and find inspiration, as no one ever quite does things the same.  I like it, and feel it keeps our meetings freshYou never know what will turn up!


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  1. THESE ARE JUST BEAUTIFUL.. . AND TEACHING A CLASS IS JUST GREAT!!! i CAN JUST SEE YOU AND JAN SHARING A VINTAGE SHOP WITH MOM’S TREASURES (?) AS A BACK DROP. of course I could whip up a few flower arrangements from the surrounding garden with “lil audrey” in a prominent place.
    Remember to charge accordingly especially for the “imported” supplies!

  2. These are beautiful Suzy!!

    I tried to sew beads… I really tried! I am absolutely pathetic with a needle and thread and have not a single ounce of patience in me. Maybe I just haven’t found a good teacher yet… =) (*hint, hint, hint!*) For now, I’m stuck stringing them on some wire and capping the end with a simple clasp.

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