Hot Patterns: Marrakesh Pants


Flora takes to lounging about in her new Hot Patterns Marrakesh pants.   Aren’t they just the the elephants trumpet!  (You know, like cat’s meow, except saying cat’s meow in Marrakesh doesn’t have an exotic zing, now does it?) These are from a mediocre quality linen I picked up at Joann’s.  They are also part of the ongoing stash reduction efforts.

Ahem.  Stash reduction.  Yes.  Well, maybe.  One of these days.  Perhaps.  Back to the pants!

The pattern came out – I think it was last summer, from the lovely Trudy and Jeremy of Hot Patterns.  It’s taken until now for me to give them a whirl, and I must say, they are lovely!  Simple enough to put together, that I didn’t even look at the (wordy and pictorial) instructions.

Not only that, I traced a straight 12, measured the pattern against my TNT Jalie pants, and guess what?  No changes needed!  Woohoo!

A feature I like about this pattern is there’s an extra piece which you use to face the pocket opening, so the non-matching pocket bag doesn’t show.  At first, I wasn’t sure about this, but as I wore them, and saw how this little addition operated in day-to-day wear, I liked it more and more.  It sure beat sewing an extra piece on top, and adding thickness where thickness is not needed.

Yes, these pants also have my traditional, non-traditional, non-matching pocket lining and waistband facing.   If I should ever follow instructions, and make the facings/interior waistband out of fashion fabric my friends have strict instructions to take me away for deprogramming.  Space aliens will have invaded my body.

Maybe I went a little overboard on these, since the zipper isn’t  color coordinated either.  It’s what I had to hand, and I was not going out just to get a white zipper.  I used 1 inch elastic, threaded through the waistband, which gives a bit more substance than something thinner would.

What doesn’t show up in the photos is the fact that the fabric has a silver thread through it, so the pants have a subtle sparkle when they move.

What I did wrong – used generic bias binding for the ties.  I think they need something softer, for a loopier bow.  I also made the fly shield too large.  It shoud be at least 1/2 inch narrower.  But that’s a minor nit.

Hmmm.  I wonder how these would work up as shorts?


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