Stylistic Slight of Hand


Last night I was transferring the fitting lines from the muslin I worked on during the Tailoring Workshop to the actual pattern tissue.

Usually, one would just cut the fitted muslin apart, and use that as the pattern, but I wanted the tissue to capture the changes too, so I could use it to compare against other patterns.

Lo and behold, I found this McCall’s in the pattern stash.  Notice anything similar between the two?  Like…they are very nearly identical! I must have been on a princess-seamed pencil skirt binge when I got them last summer.

I measured the pattern pieces, and they are almost the same.  The only difference is the size of the center back,and the style details.  So, I’m thinking I can just morph one into the other, and have not one, not two, but five different elements to use.

I wonder, why is it just the center back that’s sized so differently between the two?  Everything else is the same, within 1/4 inch or less.  Is left pattern drafted for a protruding patootie, like I have?  Is right pattern for ladies with a saggy seat?  Curiouser and Curiouser.


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