My class / demo to the sewing guild is tonight.  The kits are all packed and ready to go!  I just hope I’m ready to teach.  Performing, even before people you know, can be a travail.  I would much rather be in the peanut gallery calling out helpful hints or insults, as the case warrants.   I digress.

Having a kitchen scale that weights in grams was a tremendous help in measuring out the beads.  16 grams of triangles and 6 grams of size 8° seed beads.  Little baggies spread out all over the dining table.  Fortunately I did this in the late afternoon, when the household felines were napping.

Being a thorough sort, I even threaded the needles with the first wingspan of thread.

The large colored things are pieces of felt that folks can use as beading mats.  Not quite as good as Vellux, but easy to come by.   I supposed I could have found an old blanket at Goodwill, and cut that up.  Something to keep in mind for next time.  I printed off extra instructions, in case there are folks who want instructions but no kit.

Wish me luck!


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