Beadaholic Retreat


Saturday I headed East to my friend Jessica’s house, and we totally transformed her kitchen into a Bead-a-holic Beadfest.  It was beadtastic! Do you think we need to join Beader’s Anonymous?  Is there a 12-step program for this addiction?

We beaded and nattered, and strung and talked and stitched and babbled.  There’s nothing quite like catching up with an old friend and being productive at the same time.  Jessica does beautiful work, very different from the pieces I do, so we had lots of “I-don’t-see-how-you-do-that” conversations.  It was fun.  A delight.

While there I got to meet the two newest additions to her family, Tumbleweed kitty and  Lucky cat.  They join Ollie and Cheetoe as her four-pawed fur babies.  All those beads on the table, you’d think it would have been a disaster with so many felines, but everyone was exceptionally well behaved.  Ollie, the patriarch of the bunch, just rested his head on the table, watching our every move, until he realized there was no food, and moseyed on.  If only this could happen at my house! (Max!  Puck!  Take note!)

Before we knew it, it was dark, and time for me to head home.  Jessica finished this beautiful crystal creation during our time together.  I think it’s quite stunning.  It looks great on her too.

Meanwhile I worked on the bracelet at right.  It’s something I plan to wear to the Sew-In at the end of June.  Another button bracelet.  If you look closely, you can see that the buttons have a sewing theme: irons, scissors, a sewing machine, tape measure and a pin cushion.  It’s bright, fun, and sparkly!

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