Cobbler’s Apron


I know a lot of sewists have jumped onto the apron bandwagon.  In fact, if memory servers me right, there is an Apron month, or Apron week?  Something like that.

I hadn’t made much of a foray into the apron world, a bit too much 50s era domestic bliss for me.  I don’t wear aprons either.  I’ll change just before serving, if fancier clothes are required by the occasion.

Anyway, this cobbler’s apron caught my eye.  It reminded me of the ones my grandmother and great-grandmother had worn, years ago.  And well, of all the apron styles out there, I do like me a cobbler apron.

So, all this musing led to sewing up this one, which was gifted to someone special at the Sew-In.

If you look closely, you can see that it still continues the Day of the Dead theme we used.  I really, really like this fabric.  It mimics the paper cut-outs that decorate shop windows in the Southwest.

The picture at right is serendipity.  I had just enough fabric to make this up (2 yards – the pattern envelope says 1 3/4 is enough.  They lie)  The motif matches at the edge of the bottom pocket.  I swear, I did not do that on purpose – I didn’t have enough fabric to even try! Still, I am very pleased that it does.


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    That apron is really one of the best, especially the roomy pockets. The Japanese ladies from my Ikebana would flip for something like this and so would my garden clubs – – a pocket could be reinforced to carry a pair of pruners in without ripping the fabric (denim?)
    “THE BOYS” look just great, do you have any photos of when they were found? All it take is love and care, I sure wanted to help out that lady with taking her 2 cats, BUT i am gone in Oct/Nov and I just could not ask Kris/Kay to take care of anything more.

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