J Stern Tee


Flora models Playing wtih Spots

This is the J Stern T pattern, purchased from Pattern Review quite some time ago.  It was  recently unearthed from the pattern stacks when cleaning up the sewing room.  I decided it was about time to trace it off, and give it a whirl.

I used a cotton / lycra knit I got at the local “by the pound”  fabric store.  Nothing fancy, as this whole endeavor was a test to see if I liked the pattern and style.

Well, guess what? I did! I had fun playing with the polka dots on the front inserts and yokes.  It goes together very simply on the serger.  The instructions are good, but really not needed.

Probably the only caveat is to remember to mark which part of the front body goes “up” versus which is the hem, as both edges are curved.

As far as fit, I generally wear a 12 in ready to wear, and I traced a large in this pattern line, which was following the sizing recommendation on the back of the pattern envelope.  That was the correct size.  It is close fitting, but not so much as to make one feel encased like a sausage.

In the sleeveless version, there was absolutely no armhole gaposis, as is common when the sleeves are just omitted.  In fact, I had to scoop out the underarm in the front to make the shirt comfortable.  I’m not sure how this will work adding sleeves, as the armhole would be very high and close, and the sleeve very narrow around the arm.  I’ll have to try that next time.

One of the nicer things is that the front and back body are provided as whole pattern pieces, rather than saying to “cut on fold”.  This makes the pattern a lot easier to cut out if you’re using a panel print, or a large motif.  You can see exactly where everything would line up.

Overall – a surprisingly nice top.  I like.

Cell Lead/PM                Silvio Ordine
SEG                    John Magras
PGM                    Julie Freiberg (Optional)
TSA                    Susan Musil
GLSSPD-Unix                Andres Ezequiel Lanfranconi or Roberto Vilchez (Delegated to Pablo Mena)
Build SA                Natalia D’Amico (Delegated to Pushparaj Velayutham1)
CP                    Matt Kerby
BMC Patrol (DB Monitoring)        Mark Datillo
TSM                    Randy Eslinger (Delegated to Jamal Shaikh)

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