Vogue Fall 2010


The Vogue fall patterns have been released.  I did a scan through them to see if there was anything that I just couldn’t live without.  As though I will ever get all the patterns I currently have made up in my lifetime.  Ha!

Issey Miyake.  I will probably never, ever make the pants, but find I really like the shirt.  It’s interesting, but still kind of classic.  Of course Miyake has the honor of having one of the (if not the) longest running Vogue pattern, with1476.

8668.  I’m not sure why this one attracts me.  It’s very different from my usual selections, but I can see it using up some of the sheer fabrics that are in stash – maybe cotton voile or silk georgette.  I don’t know if the buttons are functional – it looks like they wouldn’t have to be.

I rather liked the top on this Tracy Reese.  The skirt is not much – a simple paneled affair, and I am sure I already have something like it somewhere.  Where?  That’s another question entirely!

Then, I realized the real reason I liked this one is because it reminded me of the Colette Patterns Sencha top.  Sencha has the added bonus of not having a zipper up the back, which I find much more to my liking.

So, I think I shall skip the Tracy Reese, and save up my pennies for the Collette.


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  1. I like the first a lot. It’s a good addition to your usual tops. The second…bleh. Baggy and shapeless in my opinionated, unreserved way. I like the third a lot. It suits your build, has a nice timeless element, can look very different depending on what type of fabric you use.

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