2008 Fuji Supreme RC

For nearly a year now, Prince Charming has been after me to replace my bicycle.  Somehow, he felt that my 25-year-old steed might need some upgrading.  I got it used from a mountain bike shop (they didn’t know what to do with a road bike) before I even moved to Cactusville!

I’ve been riding more on the trainer, as well as together on weekends, trying to be a good kid and heal from a running injury.  Even Train Runner magazine says bicycling is good cross training for runners.

So, long story short, we visit a bike shop in search of a tire and tube, to replace the one that blew out over the weekend.  A friend recommended Airpark Cycles.  Whoa! This is not your ordinary bicycle shop.  A cracked metal sign over a door in an industrial section of town was our first warning.  This was either going to be very good, or very bad.

It was very good. The staff was friendly and helpful.  Serious bicyclists who were willing to work with someone less dedicated to the sport than themselves.  And bicycles!  Rows and rows of wheels hanging from the ceiling, as well as frames in various stages of assembly.   The latest in both mountain and road bicycle technology there to see, and be explained!

Long story short, I was measured to determine frame size, and it turned out my body, and some 2008 back stock they desperately needed to move were a match.  I took her for a test ride and, well, the rest is herstory!

Oh yeah, those funny, clumpy things on my feet?  After decades of riding with cages, I finally broke down and decided to try clipless pedals, complete with fancy shoes.  I still think I’m going to end up like the old Arte Johnson character from Laugh In: coming to a stop and promptly falling over, but we shall see.

New experiences are on the horizon!


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  1. THAT IS SOME NIFTY LOOKING VEHICLE! ! and the owner is pretty sharp too. I am sure Floyd had some good comments. He told me he is looking for a Telois and I said when I go thrift shop hunting I would keep my eyes open for one.
    I would like to buy you one of those water bottle holders, so if you find the right style let me know so I can send the $.
    E N J O Y !

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