Kwik Sew 3790


Flora models a newly released pattern: Kwik Sew 3790.  Side ruching with gathered shoulder detail, suitable for knits only.  This is the first in what has become a search for more sleeveless summer tops that are not basic tank tops.

I made this out of leftovers from another project, and think it turned out rather nicely.  The body is only gathered along one side, which, if you believe the What not to Wear folks, is supposed to provide a slimming look.  I like it just because it’s different.

The neckline and left shoulder piece have actual facings, which is a bit unusual for knits.  I followed directions, and stitched them in.  I still ended up cover stitching the neckline all the way around to provide stability, as knit + diagonally cut fabric = mondo stretch! I sure didn’t want that.

The pattern itself is also very, very, very long.  I tissue fit it to me before sewing, and removed about 2 inches from the overall length.

Once the top was finished with a 1 1/2 inch hem, I went back and took out another 1/2 inch from the pattern.  Yes, the pattern tells you to do the lengthen / shorten on these lines.  You get 2 places to adjust, which is a nice feature.

I think if I had made this top the original length, it would have been a dress!  Hmmm….that’s an idea.  Nah!  Too form fitting for me.

There are also sleeve variations, so I may give it a whirl with the long sleeves too.

Overall, a winner!


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  1. This is so much better that all the tank tops and spagethii strap things that are out there. It is “classy” and would look good in several solid colors to– mix and match things. Diagonal neck lines are just not out there! You are really amazing again..

  2. As usual, I have to see someone make a KS and then I love it! This really is a nice top, and different, as you say. I’m putting this one on my list.

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