Do you Club BMV?


Club BMV is an online offering through the Vogue / Butterick / McCall’s pattern web site.  For a $15 annual membership, you get 10% off all patterns, all the time, as well as special sales, which  are comparable to what Joann’s runs periodically.

I have been thinking about joining ever since my local Joann’s closed down.   There are only Joann’s Etc left here in Cactusville.  Now, rather than a pop down the street, it’s a major drive to get to  the only place in town that carries any of the Big 4.  10 miles one direction, or 35 and/or 25 in another.  With the rising cost of petrol, I’m starting to wonder if all this driving about is worthwhile.

Not to mention that I have been quite disappointed by the stock.  Either the latest and greatest releases haven’t arrived, or the bins are in such a state of disarray that it would take days to find something.  Yes, I have contacted Joann’s about this.  3 months later I got a form e-mail saying they would check into it.

Granted, I don’t need any new patterns, as  I could easily spend the rest of the year sewing up the ones I do have (and I probably should!).  Still, a girl likes to have options.

So, the question for all the garment sewists out there is:

  • Do you Club BMV?
  • If you do, is it worth it?

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  1. I do and on occasion I can do better since I still have JoAnn. However, all I do have locally is WalMart or JoAnn and they’re a 30 min. drive either way. So in the interest of planning and being a regular internet shopper, I like the ‘club’.

  2. I do have JA close to me. And come on – – DR isn’t that far and Arrowhead is a pretty easy drive!! I do agree on the mess it can be!

    • It’s not that any of the available JAs are far, it’s just frustrating to drive there, then find everything such a mess you can’t locate anything!

  3. Go ahead, join. The cost is minimal, a couple of drinks, a lunch. Or, just come visit more often and we’ll go have lunch and a couple of drinks, then wander over to the completely organized and wonderful Fabrics on Mill St. (This is Skippy, The Evil Twin talking here but Earin agrees.)

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