Daisy Mae or Bust


I’ve been working on these on and off during the week, thinking of them as my Daisy Mae shorts.

This also means I’ve been fielding all sorts of comments about my (ahem) cheeks hanging out, and having to drop tens of points in IQ in order to wear them.

Well, to all the comments, I say “Nyaaah!  Nyaaah! They don’t fit anyway!  So there!”  That’s right, I used my tried and true Jalie jeans pattern, morphed the legs a little wider, and shortened them, all the while thinking hey, summer shorts – just what I need.

How don’t they fit?  Waaaay too tight.  I managed to loosen up the stomach area, but the waist is still sausage making.  I suppose I could cut another waistband, but at this point, I’m thinking they are wadders, and I am tired of fiddling with them.  A shame, in a way, as the fly shield and pocket lining are the last of the Day of the Dead fabric.  Sigh.

Things were stitching along just fine too, so perhaps the Sewing Gods decided I needed a dose of humility.  Either that, or the new thyroid meds coupled with 75% humidity and 110+ degree heat and my sluggish demeanor have caused my waistline to expand.  Hmmm.  I think I’ll go with the Sewing Gods, that way I’m not responsible.  What do you think?

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  1. First off, it the comment Was Ammended to say, “cheeks PEEKING out” since your cheeks do not, in any way, HANG. They’re cute, perky, not changed from your early years…ah…I’m getting off track aren’t I?

    I’ll go with Sewing Gods. As you know I’ve been unable to get my top to fit and I’ve spent *hours* on it. Too bad though, those are mighty cute shorts.

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