Beaded Butterflies


Butterfly Beads!  Aren’t these just too much fun?  Technically, they fall into a category called “beaded beads” but I think they look like butterflies, so butterflies they are.

The central or core bead is the same on all of them.  They are surrounded by a series of size 8° and 11° seed beads.

Each bead has five rows in the “wings” with a different color bead for each row.  I selected more than 5 colors, and mixed them up between the butterflies.  Some are more golden, while others are more peach.

These are made with brick stitch, so  you are basically attaching each bead to the thread of the previous row.  I won’t go into how to do brick stitch here as there are many fine tutorials on the web.

The end result should have these threaded onto some beading wire with a clasp attached for a bracelet.  That, however, won’t happen until I can locate my crimping pliers.  Somehow they’ve managed to hide themselves, and I can’t find them.  Sneaky little devils!

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