Cha Cha Chain Maille


This past weekend I took a class at a local beading store.  It was an introduction to working with jump rings which they called pre-chain maille (pronounced male).  Everyone who took the class got to walk out with a finished piece.  Fun! Fun! Fun!

I chose simple black beads, though there were many other colors offered.  The work was quite simple, opening and closing jump rings.  However, it did take a bit of concentration, as one was working with pliers in both hands…and I am not very ambi-hand-strous.  Ok, truth be told, I had a death grip on those pliers.

The jump rings are all sterling silver, and the beads are borosilicate.  I swapped out the lobster clasp for a toggle, which I think gives a bit more spark.  Now I have other ideas rolling around my brain, thinking of using colored jump rings, and seeing what kinds of designs they would provide.  Different types of beads too!


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